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Cake Lands New Kids Series Hareport

CAKE Ent. will handle worldwide distribution for HAREPORT (52 x 11), a fast-paced comedy action 3D series and CAKE's first co-production with TeamTO, Filmwerken and Vivi Film.

Aimed at 6-11 year-olds, HAREPORT centers on two hare brothers, Ned and Fred, who run an airport for animals set at a make-believe time when all animals were able to fly through the air like birds. The brothers' chaotic adventures revolve around Ned having a good time and coming up with initiatives to make the place more fun, while Fred attempts to restore order and clean up after his brother. Luckily for Fred he's surrounded by a group of friends that help him and his brother avoid getting into too much trouble: efficient Cookie the squirrel in the control tower; Hughes, the blind, deaf wolf in the airport lounge; and Moppet, the over enthusiastic intern, who all contribute to the varying fortunes of the jet-setters that land on their runway.

HAREPORT follows a raft of successful properties for CAKE which have included the recently unveiled animated surf comedy STOKED (Fresh TV Inc, CAKE), reality-TV spoof series TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND (Fresh TV Inc, CAKE) and its spin-off series TOTAL DRAMA ACTION (Fresh TV Inc, CAKE), and the BAFTA-nominated SKUNK FU! (Cartoon Saloon/CAKE) which has been picked up by territories around the globe.