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Bullivant Gets A Kickback

Television executive John Bullivant has launched Kickback Media, a new executive production and development outfit. According to Bullivant, the aim of Kickback is to create, develop and finance character and design-based intellectual properties. The television activities will focus predominantly on the children's market and will include both animation and live-action content. Kickback Media will be actively involved in raising financing for its ideas from non-standard sources, targeting major non-media businesses that already use character and design to develop its properties and create brand awareness. Bullivant stated, "The whole business of creating a successful character franchise has changed massively in the last five years. The single most important factor now has to be who can provide access to the consumer. Traditional media industries are not the only environment for developing character based intellectual property. Moving forward this, will be a fundamental principle in deciding how and for whom Kickback Media develops its content." With over 15 years of experience in international children's television, Bullivant has held a number of distinguished positions including, most recently, director of programs at TV-Loonland. Prior to TV-Loonland, he worked as Pearson Television's first-ever head of animation and, subsequently, director of animation for Eva Entertainment, a Pearson subsidiary. Bullivant also worked at HIT Entertainment as head of co-productions and acquisitions. John will be attending both Cartoon Forum and Mipcom Junior/Mipcom 2002. He can be reached at Kickback Media: Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1580 890107; Mobile: +44 (0) 7770 381 028; Email:

For an inside look at Cartoon Forum and how it fits into the rising tide of European production, Animation World managed to catch up with John Bullivant, who at the time was TV-Loonland's Director of Programs. Find out how Cartoon Forum is helping to build Europe into a powerful animation force.