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BRB Launches Khudayana at Cartoon Forum

BRB Internacional has launched its newest 3D toon-shaded animation project KHUDAYANA. The series was created in BRBs own Barcelona studios and will be presented for the first time at Cartoon Forum, which takes place on the Sept. 21-24, 2005, in Denmark. The series has already aroused the interest of major television networks around the world, with Jetix Spain supporting its launch.

Throughout its 52 half-hour episodes, the shows adventure is set in the imaginary world of Magesh, where he who controls the runes metallic symbols which represent the soul and the destiny of their bearer is he who makes the rules. Three restless youngsters are chosen to compete in the ultimate challenge set by cruel monarch Ravan to inaugurate his Dark Era. Astride the legendary motorcycles of Khudayana Khudai, Sita and Chek have to recover the runes in order to return harmony to their world, while each of them discovers his or her own personal destiny.

For Carlos Biern, head of co-productions at BRB, KHUDAYANA represents the evolution of European animation towards products which, without abandoning their artistic traditions in both storytelling and design, incorporate commercial elements which make the international audience want to participate more in the story.

For BRB this original TV series also represents a significant long term bet, partly due to its length (52 episodes) and partly due to the need for major future developments in the area of interactivity, together with ambitious marketing plans. An online community based on the series is being created, through which the audience can become part of the story, creating their own faces (using the camera in their mobile phone) and their own emblems, which will allow them to compete against the main characters of the saga. Also, in the coming months BRB will be presenting merchandise based on the series, currently being designed ready for international launches in the textile, publishing, toy, card game and videogame sectors.

KHUDAYANA will be shown over two seasons. The first 26 episodes are being prepared for transmission in 2007 and the second block for 2008.

BRB is an international company with more than 30 years experience in the production, distribution and licensing of family programming. BRBs animated productions include DAVID THE GNOME, DOGTANIAN, AROUND THE WORLD WITH WILLY FOG and MORT & PHIL. BRB is one of the founders and member of APIA (Spanish National Assoc. of Animation Producers) and has offices in Italy and the U.K. For more information, see

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