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Bandai America Unveils New Homegrown Property at TOYFAIR

Bandai America Inc. will unveil its new portfolio of brands at the 2005 American International TOYFAIR in New York City on Feb. 20-23, 2005. The company announced that it is expanding its business by growing its current slate of core brands, which includes powerhouses POWER RANGERS and TEEN TITANS for boys, and STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE and TAMAGOTCHI CONNECTION for girls. In addition, Bandai America will unveil a new toy property based on the television series created by sister company Bandai Ent., titled D.I.C.E. (DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises).

We are aggressively expanding the reach of our brands into new categories and toy aisles. POWER RANGERS will see a major expansion in its role-play toys and STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE is growing into the baby dolls aisle, capitalizing on a popular play pattern among girls. In addition, we are increasing our recently established collectible games division with some exciting new licenses, said Bill Beebe, svp of sales and marketing, Bandai America Inc. Bandai America is also gearing up for the launch of D.I.C.E., which is extremely unique in that the animation, toys and videogames are all being created by the various divisions of one company.

To support the new police-themed POWER RANGERS SPACE PATROL DELTA, Bandai America is introducing a massive line of toys, including a major expansion in the role-play category, new novelty figures and more cycles and ATVs that are featured in the show. The new season debuts in February 2005, airing 17 times a week on ABC Kids and the Jetix boys action block on ABC Family and Toon Disney.

Bandai Americas TEEN TITANS will see an expansion of merchandise and characters planned for the new season. While the product lines core 3.5 action figures -- as well as 1.5 and 5 figures -- will be refreshed with a breadth of new characters, 10 figures and the 6.5 Super Deformed pals are set to debut. Other new products include the T-Robo deluxe transforming vehicle/playset; role-play sets that include communicators and other accessories featuring the various characters; and a collectible card game.

A new brand from Bandai America, D.I.C.E. is a futuristic adventure with loads of transforming dinobreakers, which airs on Cartoon Network. D.I.C.E. (DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises) is a large corporation established to deal with emergencies occurring throughout the Sarbylion galaxy. D.I.C.E. F-99 is the only unit comprised entirely of highly trained kids. When a problem arises, the team is called to the rescue and they get the job done with the help of their Dinobreakers. Bandai Americas lineup includes 4.5 action figures, 12 electronic action figures and a variety of role-play items including electronic swords and Gild Suit costume accessories. The heart of the property lies in the vehicles, with Machine Runners, Attackers and Defenders capable of transforming to dino mode when needed. Bandai Video Games will also release a title based on the D.I.C.E. property in the fall.

Bandai America marks the sixth year of GUNDUM SEED in the U.S. with the extension of the toy line. The TV series of the same name is different from past incarnations due to its stand-alone storyline, making it ideal for new fans to discover the franchise. The product line features an expanded collection of Battle-Scarred action figures and the action figure model kits that have anchored the property since its inception. Bandai Americas cards division also plans to expand its recently released GUNDAM WAR collectible card game later in the year.

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE will see a new collection of scented dolls and toys featuring the fun theme of dress up. The new product line features lots of new characters, including Rainbow Sherbert, Peppermint Fizz, Coco Calypso and Seaberry Delight, as well as themed dolls, a playset, plush, a new delightful castle and an interactive Strawberry Shortcake doll that has light up jewels.

In addition, Bandai America is expanding its STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE brand into a new play pattern this fall with the launch of STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE baby dolls. As one of the first licensed properties of its kind, the product line offers a collection of baby doll versions of Strawberry Shortcake and friends that girls can dress and feed. In addition to 6 Berry Mini Babies, the new product line features a 12 My First Strawberry Shortcake Baby and a 12 Berry Sweet Kisses Strawberry Shortcake doll that blows kisses and makes a cute smooching sound when you squeeze her tummy.

The virtual pet phenomenon, TAMAGOTCHI, that swept the nation in the mid-1990s made its highly awaited return last year as one of the top holiday must-haves. In 2005, the popular egg-shaped toy that simulates the life cycle of a real pet is back with new colors, games, features and more interactivity than ever before. In addition to the infrared technology that allows Tamagotchi Connection owners to connect with others to create successive new generations, you can now earn Gotchi points, which can be used to shop for special treats, items and food. The new version also includes secret codes that can be unlocked by pushing a special sequence of buttons, which then allows you to shop for a unique item not available through Gotchi points. If you unlock all the secret codes, your Tamagotchi becomes immortal and a next generation is guaranteed. Special two-packs, called Tamagotchi Connection Best Friends Forever, will be available with a special gift so that best friends can immediately start sharing treats and interacting.

After experiencing a successful debut last year, Bandai Americas emerging collectibles games division is expanding in 2005 with the launch of some highly anticipated new games. Three of the properties represent exciting new licenses for Bandai America: TEEN TITANS, GUNDAM and Japans hottest card craze, ZATCH BELL! In addition, the CG division is releasing a new expansion for its popular DIGIMON brand, as well as featuring its unique collectible miniature game called Navia Dratp.

Bandai America Inc. is a subsidiary of Bandai Co. Ltd., the third largest toy company in the world, with 30 subsidiaries in 13 countries worldwide. Global interests include toys and children's entertainment, video game software, multimedia, music, full-length feature films, vending machines, trading cards, candies and licensed apparel. Bandai America is headquartered in Cypress, California and company information is available at

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