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Altar Boys Heading To Theaters

Seen SPIRIT? Looking to get an animation fix before LILO AND STITCH arrives in theaters? Then check your local cineplex for the independent feature THE DANGEROUS LIVES OF ALTAR BOYS, which features nearly 20 minutes of animation by Todd McFarlane. The coming of age drama is set to open in selected U.S. theaters on June 14, 2002. Based on the 1992 debut novel by Chris Fuhrman and directed by Peter Care, the film stars Kieran Culkin and Emile Hirsch as budding comic artists who are constantly at odds with their strict Catholic school teacher, Sister Assumpta (Jodie Foster). The boys create a comic book, drawing themselves as superheroes battling an evil nun, but when Sister Assumpta finds the book, dire consequences ensue. Used as a storytelling device, the McFarlane comic-style animation illustrates sequences from the boys' comic book and is interspersed with the live-action narrative throughout the film.

From comic book creator, to multi-millionaire, Todd McFarlane has always followed his own path with intelligence and daring. J. Paul Peszko meets the man behind Spawn.