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Alphanim Rebrands as Gaumont Animation

Alphanim rebrands as Gaumont Animation and unveils a new development and production agreement with France Televisions and DreamWorks Classics for the new 3D CGI-animated series, "Noddy."

Vincennes, France --

Founded in 1997 and part of the Gaumont Group since 2007, Alphanim announced that as part of its 2013 overall strategic development plan, the company is being rebranded and will now be known as Gaumont Animation.

The first deal to be unveiled under the new Gaumont Animation banner is a development and production agreement with France Televisions and DreamWorks Classics for Noddy (52 X 11’), an all-new 3D CGI animated series. Originally created in 1949 by children's author Enid Blyton, Noddy is one of the most popular and enduring children's characters of all time.   Attending the upcoming MIP-TV as Gaumont Animation, the announcement was made by Pierre Belaïsch, Managing Director of the newly branded company and Christophe Riandee, Vice CEO of Gaumont.

Gaumont Animation launches at an ideal time for its parent company, Gaumont, as its feature film division continues to celebrate the phenomenal success of The Intouchables, the recent Golden-Globe nominated blockbuster with a box office of over $400 million, as well as the highly-successful launch in 2011 of Gaumont International Television, its US-based subsidiary who is currently producing Hannibal for NBC and Sony/AXN, Hemlock Grove for Netflix, and Barbarella with Canal +.

“This is an exciting time for Gaumont Animation as we expand our development efforts to include both original content, such as Dude That’s My Ghost which was recently delivered to Disney XD, and classic properties, such as Calimero and now Noddy with France Televisions and DreamWorks Classics,” commented Belaïsch.  “I am confident that with our new strategic game plan, new shows and new name we are moving into a very rewarding period for our company. As we continue to gain international prominence, we will continue to refine our goals while always providing world-class programming for an ever-growing global audience.”

“With the renaming of Alphanim to Gaumont Animation, and the creation of Gaumont International Television in 2011, we are delighted to be recognized as an independent studio with a unique vision for expansion into the television and animation arenas, along with our continued growth and overall success in the movie business,” commented Riandee.

Source: Alphanim

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