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Afro Samurai Picks Up His Sword Again In An Original Spike Movie

Spike TV's critically-acclaimed, funktastic anime series AFRO SAMURAI returns with an original movie event set to premiere on the network in January 2009. AFRO SAMURAI: RESURRECTION will have the voices of Samuel L. Jackson and Lucy Liu.

Award winning artist The RZA once again provides the original score. AFRO SAMURAI: RESURRECTION is produced by Japanese studio GONZO in association/partnership with GDH K.K. and FUNimation Ent.

AFRO SAMURAI: RESURRECTION is based on the original art and storytelling of manga artist Takashi Okazaki, of a black samurai's quest for revenge and justice for his murdered father. Jackson (THE SPIRIT), who also serves as an exec producer, reprises his role as the uncompromising hero, Afro and his motor-mouthed sidekick Ninja Ninja. When his father's body is stolen from its grave, Afro is forced to pick up his sword and wreak bloody vengeance against an army of deadly foes lead by a sadistic mastermind.

Liu will give voice to Sio, a beautiful, seductive and sadistic mastermind plotting to destroy Afro. Liu (CHARLIE'S ANGELS, KILL BILL) also recently joined the cast of the ABC drama DIRTY SEXY MONEY. Liu can currently be heard as Master Viper in DreamWorks' animated film KUNG FU PANDA.

Additional casting includes Mark Hamill as Bin, Sio's manservant and protector and Yuri Lowenthal as Kuma, the teddy bear-headed warrior from the original AFRO SAMURAI series. Best known as the young hero Luke Skywalker in the original STAR WARS trilogy, Hamill has had a successful career on Broadway, as a voice actor in both animation and video games and as a comic book creator. Lowenthal is the voice of Sauske in the hit children's anime series and cultural phenomenon NARUTO. and will air a sneak peek of the trailer for AFRO SAMURAI: RESURRECTION starting Thursday, July 24 at 8:15 p.m., ET, immediately following its world premiere debut at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Fans who can't get enough of AFRO SAMURAI can get their latest fix with the 2009 release of the AFRO SAMURAI videogame from Namco Bandai Games America on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Based on the hit animated series starring and executive-produced by Samuel L. Jackson, join Afro in his tale of revenge as he searches for his father's murderer and the holder of the coveted number one headband. Blending modern hip hop with traditional Japanese culture, AFRO SAMURAI is a cutting-edge game that will deliver a new kind of cinematic experience which offers addictive and compelling gameplay that is literally dripping in style.

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