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Sound Design for Animation

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Sound Design for Animation

Hi guys, Im new on here so hopefully you can provide me with some 'sound' advice and your general thoughts and opinions to do with animation sound design. Would love to hear from people in education, amateur and professional designers (animators too!)

I am a current third year BSc student studying Music Technology in England, UK and currently writing my final year project on the sounds used within animation, more specifically for character. So in other words, how character's persona, emotion, action and narrative all communication through sound. I have created some simple sound designs for a Toy Story 3 clip which I will be testing both with and without audio to identify any guided perception and how an audience maybe influenced through the use of sound.

I am also questioning whether Visual and Auditory elements are both equal in the animation process.

General thoughts?

Also if you guys have 5-10 mins to spare, would you be kind enough to fill out this for me:

Much apprecaited guys, thanks again, look forward to hearing the responses :D