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Career Coach: Thanks is for Giving

The Career Coach gets into in the Thanksgiving spirit and reflects on the helping hands that gave us aid during the previous year.

The holidays are coming soon and its a good time to reflect and give thanks.

T hink of all the people who have helped you in the last year. And while you are at it, remember those from previous years too. Who comes to mind first? Make a list.

H onor those who have helped you by aiding others. Give back by teaching a class or mentoring someone whos just starting out. Help a colleague or acquaintance by giving some encouragement or assistance in achieving their goals.

A cknowledge those who have inspired you and thank those who have taught you teachers, parents, mentors, friends. Appreciate what you have and cherish the time you have here by showing those who touch your life that they are important to you.

N urture young peoples interest in art. Give them encouragement and share some supplies. Introduce them to a local art museum or gallery. Share a book of art or animation with them. Give some time to a childrens art program in your community and reap the benefits of knowing youve made a difference in a future artists life networking can happen when you least expect it.

K eep the spirit of the holidays alive all year round, but especially at this time. Attitude is contagious, whether you are in a bad mood or a great one. So stay upbeat. It doesnt take a great deal of effort to give a compliment or smile at someone who you dont know and it just might be just what they need. Besides, one key to success in life is a positive attitude.

S pend some time with someone youve been thinking about. If the holidays are too busy, make a date to meet after the New Year. Send a note to someone who has helped you, whether he or she gave you support, encouragement or advice. Send a note to someone you care about to let him or her know how much you appreciate him or her. It might be the best gift the recipient gets this holiday season.

Write letters thanking teachers who made a difference in your life not only those you met at school, but those youve met at work. Thank your mentors and others who help you, whether youve met them through an online discussion group or industry function. Spread good feelings now and they will carry you into the New Year.

Keep thanksgiving as part of your life all year round and youll find your life richer for it.

Pamela Kleibrink Thompson is a recruiter/hiring strategist and career coach. Her most recent recruiting clients include Paramounts feature film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Toybox, a Canadian visual effects company. She speaks regularly on career issues at colleges and universities.