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Annecy 2000

Publisher’s Notebook
You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!


10 Questions with Harry Shearer, Springfield’s Finest


How To Choose A Voice Acting Workshop
Laura Schiff reports good, solid advice from the experts regarding what to look for in a voice acting workshop. Before putting down that cash, read this article!

Voices of Experience
Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman takes us through a decade by decade review of the very best voice actors and actresses.

Frank Welker: Master of Many Voices
Bob Miller interviews Frank Welker, a voice over legend. From cartoons to live-action, it is guaranteed you have heard his voice and probably not even realized. Was that a real parrot, dog, pig or Frank? Includes filmography.

Having A Voice In The Industry
Brand new in town with the dream of becoming a voice actor and no clue as to whom to call? Gregory Singer will give you a few ideas in this "getting started 101.


Sibling Songs: Richard & Robert Sherman And Their Disney Tunes
Mike Lyons meets Richard and Robert Sherman, one of the most popular and celebrated songwriting duos in animation history. Their songs for Disney have created enchanting moments in classics like Mary Poppins and The Jungle Book.

Will The Real Joe Hisaishi Please Stand Up?
With the imminent release of the newly re-scored anime Castle in the Sky, Andrew Osmond profiles Hayao Miyazaki's musical partner, Joe Hisaishi.

Paving the Musical Road to El Dorado
Sharon Schatz profiles the big name talent -- Elton John, Tim Rice, Hans Zimmer and John Powell -- behind The Road to El Dorado and finds how music and art are carefully crafted into one.


The Return of Elmo Aardvark in the Twenty First Century!
As Renegade Animation brings the age-old character Elmo Aardvark to the Web, we cut in on SnappyToons Amusement Company executive Will Ryan announcing this new endeavor.

A Brief History of Elmo Aardvark on the Web
F. Rank Shaughnessy gives us a sneak peek at his book which outlines the evolution of Elmo Aardvark, including the character’s long-standing presence in Internet culture.


It's Raining Pegbars! A Profile Of Animation In Vancouver
While the weather might be cold, wet and rainy, Vancouver has turned into a hotbed of animation activity. Schools, festivals and a wide range of companies have all taken root on Canada’s west coast. Leslie Bishko reports.


Vilppu Drawing Online: Using The Idea Of Atmosphere
Renowned drawing instructor Glenn Vilppu offers the twelfth installment in his bi-monthly Animation World Magazine on-line drawing course. In this chapter, he explains how to use the idea of atmospheric perspective to improve one’s life drawing skills.


Shockwave.Com: Fun and Games on a High-Flying Hub
Lee Dannacher goes behind the scenes at, Macromedia’s spin-off entertainment destination, which is now defining the front edge of seriously fun web animation and interactive fare.


Miss Spider Is Having A Tea Party
Jacquie Kubin reveals why edutainment is not elementary, when she investigates the new CD-Rom, Miss Spider's Tea Party, based on David Kirk’s children’s book.


The Next Wave: Animation on the Internet
At this year’s ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Expo 2000, AWN’s Dan Sarto moderated a two-session panel discussion on the prospects and future of animation on the Internet. Gregory Singer was there.

Toy Fair 2000: Keep Those Toons Comin’!
Toy Fair 2000 bombarded buyers with 5-days of non-stop showroom tours featuring the latest and greatest in gadgets, games and action figures. Joseph Szadkowski reports on what’s hot.


Fresh from the Festivals: April 2000's Film Reviews
Maureen Furniss reviews the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ student animation winners and finds that certain generalities can be made regarding the student work and categories used by the Academy.


The True North, Strong and Meek
Cartoon Capers: The History of Canadian Animators
Christopher J. Robinson reviews Karen Mazurkewich’s Cartoon Capers, which covers the long and exceptionally diverse history of Canadian animation.

Creativity After Hours: The Visual Evolutions of Michel Gagné
Michel Gagné, a designer and special effects animator on many major animated features, doesn’t limit his creativity there. Bob Miller reveals Michel’s after hours projects which range from painting to writing children’s books.


Animation World News
German EM.TV Acquires The Muppets, Mickey Fears AOL/Warner Mega-Merger, CINAR Co-Founders Exit With $122M Missing, Van Goethem Unexpectedly Passes, Salt Lake No Promised Land For God The Devil & Bob, A New Cubicle For Dilbert On The Net, PlayStation 2 Glitch Gouges Stock, SOFTIMAGE Gives Birth To XSI, Robbie Reigns At British Animation Awards, and much, much more....

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In one of the most enchanting scenes ever filmed, Dick Van Dyke dances with four exuberant penguins in Disney’s critical and box office hit Mary Poppins, which features the talent of songwriters Richard and Robert Sherman. © Disney.

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