I just wanted to say that I liked "The Wonderful Things About The Tigger Movie" by Rick DeMott (DeMott, 4.12).

He capitalized on all the elements that matter with kid movies and made it relate to us as participants instead of mindless moviegoers. He also knows what kids' films are supposed to be for. So much of animation in film today (at least from America) is mindless pop-junk laced with so-called "hit" radio songs. I am glad to read that Tigger is not one of those pulp trash kid flicks. In fact, I think I'd like to go see it now (and I'm 24, far from the target audience!). Most of all, his article was not censored to protect the mindless films; you let him make a very good point and I respect anyone who tells it like it is instead of pandering to the big-boys' egos.

I wanted to send some positive feedback and thanks for the information I came away with from this article. I'll certainly be back to again for more.

Keep up the good work, folks!

Jace Cavacini
Computer Artist/Musician

Thanks from Korea
I am responding to "Overseas Marketing Suggestions for the Korean Animation Industry" by Joe Jo (Jo, 4.12). Our company is a 3D animation studio located in Seoul, Korea, and it was informative and very helpful.


Yohan Sohn
Kearo Animation Studio
Tel: + 82-2-563-3161, + 82-2-563-3162
Fax: + 82-2-563-3163

Give God, the Devil and Bob Some Respect
I love your Web site and publications but I must get something off my chest. I thought it was pretty big news when God, the Devil and Bob was the only animated program in the Nielson top twenty for the week of March 13th, coming in at number 15 with over 10.1 million households.

Food for thought: if you are promoting the industry of animation, why show only the negative ink? The only thing you have said about the show is that affiliates are canceling it. What about the show, the studio and its creativity which helped draw over 14 million viewers nationwide despite 4.3% of the country boycotting?

Okay, I'm done. I just had to vent.

Animation Lover, Worker and Promoter

Acting Workshops for Animators
"Performance And Acting For Animators" by Judy Lieff (Lieff, 4.12) in the March issue is excellent. I applaud you for running it.

In the piece, Judy says, "There has yet to be any course of study of investigating acting and performance that specifically relates to the expanding requirements for animation." Well, that's not exactly right. I have been teaching "Acting for Animators" since I worked with the animators at PDI when they were in pre-production for Antz. My book, Acting for Animators, will be published by Heinemann this coming Fall, and I have taught animators all over the world. Last December, I taught in Berlin (Stardust Entertainment and HFF, the school) and Stuttgart (Filmakademie), and in October, I'll be teaching in Singapore, where I will be the keynote speaker at Animation 2000. I offer regular Acting for Animators workshops in my San Francisco acting studio and will, in fact, teach a class on Saturday, May 13, 2000.

Additionally, I've taught for companies such as Will Vinton Studios, Wild Brain, OddWorld Inhabitants and Women in Animation, San Francisco, in addition to various universities.

For more information on what I do, please go to my Web site ( Once there, click on Acting for Animators. On that page, you'll find a breakdown on course content plus links to magazine articles that have been written about my work.

Thanks again for focusing on this most important subject.

Ed Hooks
San Francisco

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