Independent Animation and
Recruiting & Jobs, May 2000

May is going to be another exciting month as we take a look at Independent Animators and Recruiting & Jobs. We are going to have a profile of Ladislav Starewicz. Martin Goodman is taking a look at two independents named John: John Hubley and John Kricfalusi. We are also going to check in with some of the leading independents and hear how they are using the Internet to their advantage. We will also profile Britain’s Simon Pummell. Need up-to-date portfolio advice? Larry Lauria is interviewing the recruiters at major studios to hear about what they want to see. He is also going to offer some college finding tips to help prospective students make the right choices for them.

We are also going to be treated to a profile of Mickey and Betty Paraskevas by Ray Palma. Lee Dannacher will continue her Internet profiles by taking a closer look at Protozoa’s Pulse/Dot Comics, and Jacquie Kubin will continue her gaming column with a look at Bandai’s Gundam Wing. We will also review a slew of events; The Brisbane International Animation Festival, Cartoons on the Bay, the British Animation Awards and Cartoon Movie will all be covered with information and candid shots of participants. Maureen Furniss will also be back with more short film profiles and clips.

Plus, as always there will be more…

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