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"Guns on the Clackamas" is a peek into the film industry in the spirit of "This is Spinal Tap."

Nigel Nado, the notable documentary filmmaker, is trying to make a behind-the-scenes movie about the making of the western "Guns on the Clackamas". But everything is going wrong. The lead actress has a severe stutter, but since she's also the Executive Producer's mistress, when she's fired, he pulls the plug on the film's financing. Then, the cast members start dropping like flies, due to accidents on the set and some really bad catering. When no actors have survived to finish the movie, the filmmakers must resort to solutions that are startling and hilarious.

"Guns on the Clackamas" is available in video stores or can be ordered on-line.

  • "Guns on the Clackamas" is a satire in the spirit of director John Waters...a collision between Mel Brooks' "The Producers" and "Blazing Saddles".
  • - Tim Appelo, The Oregonian
  • A hilariously dark mockumentary...Plympton never misses an opportunity of satirize the film business.
  • - Kathleen Wilson, Willamette Week
  • Fatally funny.
  • - Robert Sims, Ft. Lauderdale Eastsider
  • Get ready for one of the funniest films of the past decade. Do your best to catch this madcap comic enterprise that will have you howling from beginning to end, and even days afterward. Created by MTV's resident cartoon genius, this foray into interacting with living creatures clearly shows that Bill Plympton deserves to be allowed to leave his apartment.
  • - Brandon Judell, Critic's Choice/International Magazine

He's a sleazoid...
a scuzzball...
a slug...
and naturally, a lawyer!
But then he met

    J. Lyle's goal is to get rich. And the only way to accomplish that is to rid the apartment building he owns of its inhabitants, tear it down and erect a toxic waste dump in its place. Easier said than done.

    J. Lyle and his idiot-savant sidekick, Skip, have managed to scare away almost all of the tenants, and the plan seems to be working out - that is, until J. Lyle meets the last tenant, the lovely Gwen Gardner. He vows to win her affection, and as usual, he doesn't care how.

    Unfortunately, he meets a magical dog who has the power to "zap" J. Lyle into the bodies of his victims. When he is literally forced to put himself into other people's shoes, he realizes what a selfish and empty life he has led. Having seen himself as others do, J. Lyle resolves to make a fresh start.

  • "J. Lyle", Bill Plympton's first live-action feature is available in video stores or can be ordered on-line.
  • "J. Lyle" stars Richard Kuranda as J. Lyle, Jennifer Corby as Gwen Gardner, John Bader as Skip, and Iggy the Wonder Dog.

"Walt Curtis, the Peckerneck Poet" is a one-hour film featuring the Oregon legend Walt Curtis reading his work and expanding on his outlandish life.

Even though BIll Plympton and Walt Curtis both went to Oregon City High School (4 years apart) and both grew up on the Clackamas River, Bill didn't become a Walt Curtis friend and fan until the Portland Poetry Festival in 1973. As both careers flourished - Walt's poetry, fiction and art in Portland, Oregon and Bill's cartoons and animation in New York City - they remained friends and admirers.

In the summer of 1995, Bill and a small crew followed Walt around his familiar haunts, filming him reading his work on Hi-8 video and 16mm film. Although this project seems like the Odd-Couple clash of high and low arts, their styles are surprisingly similar. Both are humorous, surreal, and push the limits of good taste. The completed film takes Walt to such locations as Willamette Falls, the Clackamas County Fair (where he almost gets arrested), his family home, Cafe Lena, a Burnside porno parlor and the men's room near the Multnomah County Courthouse.

  • "Walt Curtis, the Peckerneck Poet" will be appearing in several upcoming film festivals and theaters around the country.

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