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December 1997 Vol. 2, No. 9

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Editor's Notebook
It's getting to be time to pay attention...



Welcome To The Neverhood

Doug TenNapel and Mike Dietz take us on a full tour of The Neverhood, a cutting-edge studio which uses claymation to create interactive games. Includes two Quicktime movies.

Plus: Mike Dietz explains The Neverhood's unique stop-motion animation process in detail.

Multimedia Down Under
Mark Morrison gives us the lowdown on the Australian multimedia world. Despite government support and eager talent, distance and distribution remain two challenges.

PlayStation: An Unassuming Jack
Why is the Sony PlayStation becoming the most popular home gaming console? Joseph Szadkowski sheds light on their shrewd, and simple, business plan.

Tools of the Trade: What Do I Need to Create Interactive Games?
Interactive producer Tim Samoff describes his favorite tools for making interactive games.

Online Gaming: From Avatars to Wizards
Christopher Harz explains how to get started in the new world of cyberspace.

MIPCOM consultant Frederique Doumic answers her most frequently asked questions regarding the merging of the gaming and animation industries.

Russia: Gaming for Everybody
Natalya Loukinykh gives us an inside look at the potential of Russia's digital future.

1997 Gaming Report: The Best of the Bunch
Animation World Magazine's picks for the top animated games of 1997.


The Future of Gaming

A panel of gaming experts look deep into their crystal balls to predict where the industry is headed.


A Conversation With Piotr Dumala and Jerzy Kucia

Melissa Chimovitz interviews Polish independent animators Jerzy Kucia and Piotr Dumala, with the help of oTTo Alder, at the Fantoche Film Festival. Includes Quicktime movies and filmographies of the filmmakers.


How to Find a Job in Multimedia

Pamela Kleibrink Thompson shares her expert advice on how to break into this burgeoning field.


Cinanima: A Festival by the Sea
Cinanima, Portugal's international animated film festival, is reviewed by Sayoko Kinoshita.

The SAS Conference in Utrecht
Gunnar Strøm relates the papers and ideas of the 9th Society for Animation Studies Conference.

Sitges: Horror and Animation in Barcelona
Independent animation superstar, Bill Plympton describes his time at Festival Int. De Cineme Fantastic De Sitges in Barcelona, Spain.

The 25th Annual Annie Awards
ASIFA-Hollywood's night to shine was a real winner!



Un Jour: A Woman's Metaphorical Narrative

Don Perro reviews Un Jour, Marie Paccou's latest film about a woman who wakes up with a man in her belly. Includes one Quicktime movie.


Encyclopedia Simpsonica
Joe Toledo reviews The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to our Favorite Family which details every fact of Simpson trivia known to man - plus some!


Flight Simulators: A Bird's Eye View
Pilot Daniel Rein applies his knowledge from both the Air Force and the commercial airlines business, to his top flight simulator game picks.


The Castle of Pastime: Kratochvile

Edgar Dutka details one of his favorite places; the permanent exhibition of Czech animated film at the Kratochvile Castle.


Animation World News

Voice Actor Don Messick Dies, Wolfmill Pockets First WGA Deal, SGI Sizes Down, Liepzig and Cable Ace Winners and more.


On A Desert Island With. . . . Gaming Gurus

Theresa Duncan, Lorne Lanning and Doug TenNapel.


Dirdy Birdy
by John Dilworth

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