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Category: Virtual Reality

s2014 Headline News

SIGGRAPH 2014 Announces New Augmented/Virtual Reality Contest

SIGGRAPH 2014 announces an augmented reality/virtual reality contest in order to showcase the best augmented/virtual reality experiences to date. 

Games Headline News

Oculus’ Virtual Reality Gaming Headset Gets Kickstarted

The long-awaited goal of virtual reality for video games came a step closer today as Virtual Reality technology developer Oculus launches a Kickstarter campaign for its new headset, the Oculus Rift.

Television Headline News

Full Mental Jacket Debuts Real-Time Virtual Reality Sets

By Matt Kapko | Monday, November 16, 2009 at 7:47am

Creative design and realtime graphics production studio Full Mental Jacket is producing the U.S. debut of realtime graphics for television, as seen on the just-launched television series, 'That Morning Show.'

nvidia Headline News

NVIDIA Quadro Powers Iowa State University's C6 Virtual Reality Project

Iowa State University's C6, the country's first six-sided virtual reality room, is redesigned to take cyber battles to new extremes with advanced visual computing incorporating NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics processing units (GPUs).