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Join PNY, Vū, NVIDIA, and Puget Systems’ ‘How Vū is Revolutionizing Virtual Production’ Webinar

This free presentation on December 8 will explore how Vū’s virtual production environment, coupled with NVIDIA RTX™ A6000 professional GPUs, is optimizing real-time workflows in ICVFX and pushing the boundaries of the possible in virtual production.

PNY, Vū, NVIDIA, and Puget Systems’ free 30-minute webinar, “How Vū is Revolutionizing Virtual Production,” will take place Thursday, December 8, at 12:00 pm EST / 9:00 am PST.

In this invaluable webinar, a panel of experts will discuss how Virtual and In-Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX) techniques are revolutionizing the television and movie making industry, and how Nashville-based Vū, utilizing NVIDIA RTX™ A6000 professional GPUs, is helping clients leverage the benefits of virtual production and accelerate their workflows.

Hosted by Sy Cody White, Digital Video Content Producer at PNY, and Derek Ellis, PNY’s Content Marketing Manager, the webinar will also feature Alvin Renz, VP of Research and Development at Vū, and Kelly Shipman, Labs Technician - 3D Workflows, Puget Systems.

According to Carl Flygare, PNY’s NVIDIA Pro GPU Marketing Manager, “NVIDIA RTX A6000 provides the tremendous graphics, rendering, simulation, AI performance – for rendering denoising – and Quadro Sync compatibility Vū required from the custom-built Puget Systems tailored and optimized for virtual studio use. By effortlessly delivering in-camera visual effects, the RTX A6000 revolutionized and simplified virtual production workflows. Vū’s RTX A6000-based Puget Systems gives producers, directors, actors, and VFX professionals access to real-time creative decision-making options that were previously dreams – but deliver more compelling and imaginative visual storytelling today.”

“As specialists in virtual production of commercial video, film and episodic television, Vū has a wealth of expertise optimizing workflows for virtual production,” says Grant Sutton, virtual production operator for Vū’s studio in Nashville.

Asked to describe the specific services Vū provides and how clients make the best use of their knowledge and experience, Sutton says that it can vary substantially from client to client. As one example, he references a recent project where Vū created 18 different virtual locations for a client, who was able to complete their entire shoot in just three days.

“Being able to do 18 locations virtually on one stage in three days was just incredibly beneficial to the client,” he emphasizes. “They were able to keep all of their talent in one place at one time and knock it all out at once, rather than having to travel around and spend so much extra money taking the production to all these different places.”

Sutton goes on to explain that in some cases they’ll find third-party artists to create dedicated environments used for the virtual locations, while in others, their internal team will create the environment and walk the client through as it's being built. That way the client is constantly in the loop and able to make sure the creative meet’s their creative and narrative needs.

“The clients always really love that, and it's always incredible when we have that first virtual location scout,” Sutton shares. “We always get a lot of great feedback, and the client always feels so much more comfortable once they've seen the environment firsthand, even more so once they've seen it up on the wall for the first time.”

As for the technology that makes it all possible, Sutton says that the NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPUs, coupled with Puget Systems’ workstations, has allowed Vū to go way beyond what was previously possible.

“Adopting that technology has allowed us to scale up our entire workflow and pipeline to heights that, when we first started, seemed unimaginable,” he enthuses. “Using three A6000s to run a 12,600 x 2,016 pixel wall at whatever frame rate we need is just insane. It's made it possible for us to do some of the most cinematic work that we've done to date in our studio. And, even outside of Unreal Engine, we’re able to use the A6000’s Quadro Sync function to sync together any sort of playback media onto our wall at super-high resolutions.”

In short, through a combination of incredibly high resolution and superfast real-time rendering, Vū has the unprecedented ability to provide background imagery that’s indistinguishable from the real thing.

Finally, asked what for him is the single most important aspect of this technology in terms of providing better creative solutions for Vū’s clients, Sutton cites “consistency.”

“That's the most important thing in a virtual production workflow,” he affirms. “Just having consistent technology and reliable equipment allows you to operate that much faster on set and get the job done efficiently. It's no secret that when we first started doing all this, everything felt a bit jury-rigged. But now, the hardware that we're using is being optimized for these specific types of massive outputs, and as that consistency builds, virtual production will just keep getting better and better.”

Attend this free webinar to:

• Learn how Vū's virtual production environment enables innovative creative ideas, broadens production flexibility and options, and adapts to rapidly changing M&E business realities, while delivering more engaging content regardless of time, resource, or budgetary constraints.

• Hear how PNY and Puget collaborated to accelerate Vū's virtual production capabilities with NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPUs, using NVIDIA RTX technology for real-time ray tracing with an AI assist, physically accurate simulation, and creative collaboration across geographically disparate teams.

• See how Vū's cutting-edge virtual production environment creates CG virtual backgrounds in real time to enhance digital storytelling.

• Discover the benefits of utilizing virtual production, including more content in less time, live in-camera results, total environmental control, limitless locations and conditions, budget clarity, and more.

All live webinar attendees will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win an NVIDIA RTX A4500!

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