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Animation ANIMATIONWorld

Dig This! Using computers to simulate cut-out animation techniques on South Park and Blue's Clues.

Animation World Magazine takes a jaunt into the innovative and remarkable: this month we look at two productions that are using computers to simulate cut-out animation techniques: South Park and Blue's Clues


The Best of the Fest: A Sampling of Films from the SIGGRAPH '98 Computer Animation Festival

SIGGRAPH's Computer Animation Festival was once again the showcase for the past year's best computer graphics work. This year's festival showcased more than 150 pieces of all types including scientific, mathematic and visualization animations, motion-capture demonstrations, visual effects sequences, location-based entertainment films, television commercials, animation shorts, student films, clips from CG feature films and "SIGGRAPH in-betweens," customized animations interspersed in the program. Films were selected from 650 submissions by a five-person jury made up of Thomas Linehan,...

Animation ANIMATIONWorld

Dig This! SIGGRAPH's Electronic Theater Celebrates 25 Years of Discovery

Animation World Magazine profiles the SIGGRAPH `98 Computer Animation Festival, which will feature computer animated films ranging from scientific visualizations to blockbuster visual effects to independent shorts.