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Tal Lotan

Tal Lotan is an animator, director and musician. She has done work on projects ranging from commercials, internet sites and medical visualisation films to TV series and feature films. But she is most passionate about music videos, a field that allows her to fully express her creative vision, which usually involves a combination of various animation and cinematic techniques. Tal is proficient in all kinds of animation techniques, including CG, 2D, Flash, stop motion and stereoscopic films. She is also head of the classic animation department at IAC - the Israeli Animation College, where she teaches 2D and 3D animation, as well as acting for animators.

The blog "Animatorit" has a sister-blog in Hebrew under the same title. "Animatorit" is the Hebrew term for female animator, and by the power of that title, the blog is dealing with Israeli animation news, but also with all sorts of animation news, artists, techniques, projects and great animation shorts. Visit Tal's studio: and her Hebrew blog: