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Sam McCauley

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About Me 
I color inside -and- outside of the lines, depending on my mood. I like to draw a -lot- of pictures that just so happen to tell a story, usually in some sort of dramatic or comedicv fashion. I do this so often that I've finally decided to stop pulling the 'I will one day find my destiny' card and settle down on the idea of becoming a story artist. With a bachelors of media arts and animation I shall wield my brain that has been trained in both the methods of animation through my schooling and of story through my countless hours writing nerdy storylines for myself and friends versus playing game content on MMO's to share my artistic ideas and visions with the WORLD! ( I promise, not all of my ideas revolve around video games...)
Designer for a rinky dink software development company with dreams of becoming a feature film story artist
Cartoons, writing, drawing stuff and gettin' good.

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