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Richard Kerrigan

Richard Kerrigan was born in White Plains, New York and moved to Los Angeles when he was eleven. After his discharge from the U.S. Navy he acquired a degree in architecture. He began his career in the entertainment business as an assistant visual effects cameraman on The Empire Strikes Back. Deciding to stay in the San Francisco Bay area after Empire concluded, he worked in several capacities on various industrial and commercial projects. He spent almost two years on The Right Stuff and followed that up by relocating to Los Angeles to work on Ghostbusters. Following Ghostbusters in 1984 he worked for Digital Productions that then boasted the Cray super-computer as it’s primary render engine. During the past twenty-three-years he has worked primarily as visual effects supervisor and visual effects executive producer at various post houses. Crossing from features to television in the mid nineteen-nineties he has worked on such series as Power Rangers, Felicity and Ally McBeal, where he supervised the Dancing Baby episode. Overall his career spans over thirty years. He has been guest speaker at The California Institute of the Arts in Santa Monica, California and at Western North Carolina University. Richard has two daughters: Anna, living in Manhattan and pursuing a career as a playwright and film director & Lily who lives in Los Angeles and is in pursuit of a master’s degree in landscape architecture.