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Otis H. Anderson

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About Me 
I'm a veteran writer/editor and a certified teacher with specializations in the language arts and remedial education. I bring an in-depth knowledge of investment strategies and securities analysis to my articles on contrarian investing, online trading, and equity market mayhem. Other recurring themes in my writing include special education methods, literacy issues, pet care, and sleep-for-health. I live with my wife in Atlanta, GA, where I question the theory of global warming from November to May. I have written freelance articles on business, personal finance, cooking, parenting, and much more. I've written blogs for various websites and have also edited written work for other writers. I received a bachelor’s degree in business and am working to complete my doctorate in theology. Some of my earlier years were spent in the Marine Corps as a mechanic. After fulfilling my obligations with the government, I pursued a career in the restaurant business managing several full-scale restaurants to include working for Luby’s Cafeteria. Before leaving the restaurant scene, I established a business consulting company. For a while, I also owned and operated a clothing distribution business that shipped around the world. As a result of the many experiences and numerous opportunities I’ve had around the world, there is a great deal of information to which I am able to contribute to others.
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