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Jan Nagel
Behind The Deal

Behind The Deal takes a look at the business behind an animated production. What goes on behind those studios doors? Who are the players and what are the rules of the play? Jan Nagel, Entertainment Marketing Diva, has been offering her insights and experience to clients since 2003, helping them to better understand the animation “business.” Tune in to learn about the dynamics of co-productions, acquisitions, pitching and straight-up production deals.

As a consultant, Jan currently offers her experience and expertise to overseas animation production studios, visual effects production companies and those who have wonderful creative ideas for animated entertainment. It is her job to get them work, find them partners and get the shows pitched. Jan has been involved in the business of animation since 1991, working with award winning feature and television production studios, including Dream Quest Images, Calico Entertainment and VirtualMagic Animation.

She is a founding member and current co-president of the board of directors of Women In Animation, an international professional association, as well as an active member of other entertainment organizations. Jan is a frequent guest lecturer on animation and entertainment business at colleges and universities. She is currently teaching Business of Animation and Careers at Santa Monica College, Otis College of Art and Design and University of Southern California.