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Edward Bakst

Thus far, Edward Bakst has led a life of a wanderer. He has lived and worked in lands of diverse cultures, politics and socio-economics. There he designed and directed created media projects, as well as academic initiatives dedicated to creative ideation and interdisciplinary explorations.

As a designer & director, Edward has created short animated films for such clients as: Smithsonian, MTV, SCI-FI, Nickelodeon, Noggin, ABC, Ajinomoto, NBC, VIASA, HBO, UNICEF, Showtime, Sesame, etc. These projects won international awards for creativity and originality. SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre presented 3 of his shorts; others won IMAGINA, NY Film Festival, ASIFA, WORLDFEST, BPME, NCGA, British ONLINE, US Film Festival, HOUSTON International Festival, GUGGENHEIM Fellowship and so on.

In an academic career Edward designed, lead or consulted on launching of programs at Pratt Institute, Columbia University, art colleges in Colorado and Michigan. Invited to Singapore to spearhead founding of the School of Art, Design & Media, and design of its unique building, he then consulted on launching of the School of Technology for the Arts. As Professor, he has mentored students in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Asia. He is now concluding his Visiting Professorship at Kyoto University.

Via infinite powers of imagination, Edward has realized worlds that inspire by breaking away from “reality and gravity bound thinking”. His metamorphic ideas now ignite conceptual designs exploring interactivity and technology as a “magic wand” fusing reality and virtuality. You are invited to visit or write to