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David Maas

David Maas is an illustrator and animator with a recurrent itch to take the reins in various forms of management - first as a creative in advertising, then as production manager for animated films. He also has a passion for education and generally sharing of knowledge and has taught at numerous institutions of learning, most recently at the Institute of Animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemburg. He's passionate about the opportunities offered by such diverse disciplines as non-photorealistic rendering, sketch crawls and paleoart.

“I take a look beyond the glory disciplines of character design and animation, revealing no less fascinating jobs and opportunities throughout the medium of animation. I talk about such complex and interdependent issues as look development, team building, techniques and technology, spread sheets, time trackers and education. And sometimes I just ramble.” Feel free to feed the author with suggestions, comments and - if you're a student - films for critique.