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Music Videos Headline News

Mathematic Crafts the Dystopian Auto-Racing World of Pink Noise’s ‘Sky Cry’ Music Video

By Dan Sarto | Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 4:00pm

The creative studio delivers ‘Crashtag,’ the world's first robot influencer, using a variety of 3D tools to design and build the futuristic sci-fi world of director Kim Chapiron’s new short film.

Game Headline News

Littleloud Release Viral Campaign to Promote Transformers Sequel

Press Release from Littleloud

Littleloud have produced a suite of eight comical viral videos and an online shoot 'em up game to promote the release of Paramount's latest theatrical release TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN.

In the viral shorts a range of household appliances audition for a role in the film as one of the Decepticons, in the misguided belief that they have what it takes to defeat the Transformers. The 3D appliances are full of zest, trying as best as they can to impress the off-screen casting exec.

Viral Headline News

Concrete Makes Lions Sing

Concrete recently completed full offline and online post work on a new Samsung viral titled: SAMSUNG LIONS for The Viral Factory. The viral was directed and produced by The Viral Factory. They approached Concrete for initial pre-production advice to create the viral for Samsung.