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Onward to Scumport! ANIMATIONWorld

'The Dragon Prince’ Season 5: A Swashbuckling Blend of Design Tricks and Emotional Turmoil

Ahoy Mateys… co-creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, and EP Villads Spangsberg, talk about a mad pirate lord, a foggy pirate village, a famed captain’s return, and the thrifty repurposing of old sets into new locations, on the latest season of their Emmy Award-winning animated series, now streaming on Netflix. 

The Devil is in the Details ANIMATIONWorld

‘The Dragon Prince’ Director Villads Spangsberg Talks Toonlines and Tough Challenges

Netflix’s Emmy Award-winning series boasts colorful and emotive CG characters, forgoing the soft, rounded look of cell-shading that’s much easier to produce but not nearly as sharp, snappy, or stylized.

Mysteries are Finally Revealed ANIMATIONWorld

‘The Dragon Prince’ Returns for Season 4 with ‘The Mystery of Aaravos’

Co-creators Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz discuss the show’s next phase, set two years after Season 3’s massive cliffhanger, and how Netflix’s unprecedented four season greenlight ensures they’ll take their epic story to its planned conclusion; 9 new episodes are now streaming.

Netflix Headline News

Netflix Sets February 15 Premiere for ‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 2

By Dan Sarto | Friday, January 18, 2019 at 3:25pm

Nine new episodes of animated fantasy series will continue the adventures of the show’s young heroes in their quest to stop an historic conflict from escalating into all-out war.

Netflix ANIMATIONWorld

Humans, Elves and Dark Magic Collide in New Netflix Original, ‘The Dragon Prince’

By Dan Sarto | Friday, September 14, 2018 at 3:01pm

Wonderstorm’s creative team of Aaron Ehasz, Justin Richmond and Giancarlo Volpe delve into the making of the first season of their epic series centered around three unlikely heroes and their quest to stop an all-out war.