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Former Players Only In New Online Basketball Game

A new Internet sports simulation game released Monday, TOTAL HOOPS BASKETBALL, does not include most current players a break from traditional fantasy sports games.

TOTAL HOOPS owners will be able to draft and manage a team through an 82-game, seven-week season against other team owners.

More than 1,000 players from the NBA, the American Basketball Association (1967-1976) and the Basketball Association of America (1946-1949) are available, including legends like Michael Jordon, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

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Fool's Gold a Welcome Box Office Entry

FOOL'S GOLD from Warner Bros. opened in the top spot with $21.5M for the weekend ended Feb. 10, 2008. Universal's WELCOME HOME ROSCOE JENKINS followed in second place with a debut of $16.2M. And last week's sensation, Disney's 3-D version of HANNAH MONTANA/MILEY CYRUS: BEST OF BOTH WORLDS CONCERT TOUR, dropped to third with $10.2M for a two-week cume of $53.1M. Following in fourth was Lionsgate's THE EYE (with vfx from Asylum) with $6.5M and $21.4M. Fifth place belonged to Fox Searchlight's Oscar-contending JUNO with $5.6M and a wonderful tally of $117.5M.

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Hannah Montana Rocks Box Office in Disney Digital 3-D

Disneys 3-D film offering of the hot HANNAH MONTANA/MILEY CYRUS: BEST OF BOTH WORLDS CONCERT TOUR played to a record-breaking $31.1M for a Super Bowl weekend for the period ended Feb. 3, 2008. The BEST OF BOTH WORLDS concert film did so well, in fact, that Disney has extended its theatrical run. Debuting in second place, meanwhile, was Lionsgates THE EYE (with vfx from Asylum) with $12.4M. Holding third was Foxs 27 DRESSES with $8.5M for a cume of $57.2M. Foxs MEET THE SPARTANS followed in fourth with $7.3M for a tally of $28.5M.

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An Enchanted Thanksgiving for Disney

Disney's big holiday release, ENCHANTED (with vfx by Tippett Studio, CIS Hollywood, Reel FX and Weta Digital, as well as 2D animation by Baxter Studio) topped the Thanksgiving five-day holiday box ended Nov. 25 with an estimated opening of $50M. Sony's THIS CHRISTMAS bowed in second with $27.1M. Paramount's BEOWULF (with vfx & animation from Sony Pictures Imageworks) slipped to third with $23.3M and a two-week cume of $56.3M. Fox's HITMAN debuted in fourth with $21M. BEE MOVIE, from Paramount/DreamWorks, followed in fifth with $15.9M raising its total to $112M.

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Beowulf Slays Bee Movie and Shines in 3-D

Robert Zemeckis' performance captured BEOWULF opened at number one with $27.5M for Paramount Pictures during the weekend ended Nov. 18, 2007. However, bolstered by animation and vfx from Sony Pictures Imageworks, it wasn't surprising that the 3-D gross accounted for nearly half the business. The Real D digital 3-D engagement brought in $8M in 638 locations, while IMAX 3-D delivered $3.58M on 84 domestic IMAX screens for a company percentage record. BEOWULF also performed well internationally, grossing an estimated $660,000 from 13 IMAX screens.

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American Gangster Takes Some of the Sting Out of Bee Movie

Ridley Scott's highly anticipated AMERICAN GANGSTER (with vfx by Gray Matter FX and Invisible Effects) blasted its way to #1 in its debut for the weekend ended Nov. 2, 2007. Universal Pictures reaped an estimated $46.3M. Debuting in second place was Jerry Seinfeld's animated BEE MOVIE, which collected a sweet $39.1M for DreamWorks Animation and Paramount. Meanwhile, last week's winner, SAW IV (with vfx by Switch VFX), dropped to third for Lionsgate with $11M and a two-week cume of $51M. Fourth place belonged to Buena Vista's DAN IN REAL LIFE, which garnered $8.1M for a cume of $22.9M.

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The Simpsons Rules Opening Weekend

Exceeding expectations, Fox's THE SIMPSONS MOVIE finally rolled into theaters with $74M gross for the weekend period ended July 29, 2007. Last week's winner, I PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK & LARRY, fell to second place with $19.1M for a cume of $71.6M. Warner Bros.' HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX (with vfx by Double Negative, Framestore CFC, ILM, Cinesite, MPC, Rising Sun and more) descended to third with $17.7M and a tally of $242.4M. New Line's HAIRSPRAY slowed down to fourth with $15.8M and a cume of $59.6M. NO RESERVATIONS opened in fifth for Warner Bros. with $11.7M.

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I Pronounce You Box Office Champ

Adam Sandler ruled the box office once again with his latest yuck-fest, I PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK & LARRY, opening at #1, taking in $34.8 million for the weekend ending July 22, 2007. Last week's champ, HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, descended to the second slot with a haul of $32.2 million, bringing it cume to $207.5 million. Its visual effects were provided by Double Negative, Framestore CFC, ILM, Cinesite, MPC, Rising Sun and others.

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Aardman’s Shaun the Sheep Tops MIPCOM Jr.

Results coming out of MIPCOM Jr. shows Aardmans SHAUN THE SHEEP (U.K.) topping the list of the most requested series at the event, taking place in Cannes, France. A new finisher in the Jr. race shows Ettamogah Ent. Groups AMYS GANG (Australia) in second place while BRB Internactional came in third for ANGUS AND CHERYL (Spain). In fourth place was 4Kids Ent. for its CHAOTIC (USA) and in fifth was Cake Ent. Ltd.s SKUNK FU! (U.K.).

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40-Year-old Virgin Still Best at Box Office

For the second consecutive week, THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN ruled the box office for the weekend ended Aug. 28, 2005, the first time an R-rated film has done so since last years THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. The Universal comedy raked in $16.2M for a total of $48.5M. Dimensions THE BROTHERS GRIMM (with vfx by Peerless Camera Co. Ltd., Lip Sync Post and Artem Ltd.) bowed in second with $15M. DreamWorks RED EYE (with vfx by Digital Dream) slipped to third place with $10.2M for a two-week cume of $32.5M. Paramounts FOUR BROTHERS (with vfx by Mr.

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Bewitched No Match for Batman

Warner Bros. BATMAN BEGINS (with vfx from Double Negative, MPC, Rising Sun Pictures and BUF) continued its box office reign for the weekend ended June 26, 2005, grabbing $27.5M and a two-week cume of $122.5M. Sonys BEWITCHED (with vfx from Sony Pictures Imageworks) bowed in second place with $20.1M. However, it wasnt enough to prevent the overall domestic box office from slumping for the 18th consecutive week.

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Plenty of Silver Bells for The Fockers

Universals MEET THE FOCKERS was a no brainer in its box office debut for the yuletide period ended Dec. 26, 2005. It took in a hefty $46.1M for the weekend and $70.5M for the five days, including a record-breaking $19.1M for Christmas Day.

However, the rest of the field was less impressive and overall box office for 2004 was barely ahead of last year, with attendance down for the comparable period.

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Lemony Snicket is No Unfortunate Opening

Paramounts LEMONY SNICKETS A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATELY EVENTS, with Oscar-contending vfx by ILM, finished first in its opening weekend with $30M for the period ended Dec. 19, 2004. Warner Bros. OCEANS TWELVE dropped to second with $18.1M for a two-weeks bounty worth $68.5M. Sonys SPANGLISH debuted in third with $8.8M.

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Ocean’s 12 Steals the Show

Warner Bros. OCEANS 12 debuted at the top of the box office with an impressive $39.1M take for the weekend ended Dec. 12, 2004, followed by New Lines BLADE: TRINITY, which bowed with $16M. Buena Vistas NATIONAL TREASURE slipped to third place with $9.8M and a total of $124M. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. THE POLAR EXPRESS is hanging in there, helped in part by IMAXs record-breaking $18M gross in 3D.

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Disney Thankful for November Box Office

With NATIONAL TREASURE and THE INCREDIBLES taking first and second place in the Thanksgiving Holiday box office ended Nov. 28, 2004, The Walt Disney Co. becomes the first studio to reap such an honor. In fact, the entire month of November belonged to the House of Mouse, as both films dominated the top of the chart also a record.

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National Treasure and SpongeBob Overtake The Incredibles

Two newcomers bested THE INCREDIBLES for the weekend ended Nov. 21, 2004: Buena Vistas Jerry Bruckheimer actioner, NATIONAL TREASURE, which tallied $35.1M and Paramount/Nickelodeons THE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS MOVIE, which soaked up a terrific $32M. So much for the demise of 2D animation.

Meanwhile, Disney/Pixars THE INCREDIBLES brought in another $26.5M for a third-place finish and a hefty $177.5M in three weeks.

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Spelling TV Taps Comicstrip CEO Dad

Spelling Television has optioned the television rights to Tom Sterns comicstrip, CEO DAD, reports HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. The story follows a ceo who is in total control at work, but in total chaos at home. Stern writes the strip and Emmy-winning art director Phyllis Hofberg Bruskin draws. No decision has been made on whether the series will be live-action or animation. Ed McMahon and his son Jeff are attached to produce.

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Resident Evil: Apocalypse Upends Hero at Box Office

RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALPSE won the box office derby in its debut for the weekend ended Sept. 12, 2004. The horror flick (with vfx by C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, Mr. X Inc., Animated Extras International Ltd., Fantasy II Film Effects and Soho VFX) took in $23M for Screen Gems.

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Man on Fire Blazes Past Kill Bill

The Denzel Washington revenge thriller, MAN ON FIRE, outpaced the Jennifer Garner comedy, 13 GOING ON 30, at the box office for the weekend ended April 25, 2004. The Fox film grabbed $22.7M compared to Universals $21M in their debuts. Meanwhile, Miramaxs KILL BILL VOL. 2 (with vfx by K.N.B. EFX Group) slipped nearly 59% in its second week to $10.4M and a cume of $42.9M. Lions Gates THE PUNISHER (with vfx by Fantasy II Film Effects) dipped nearly 55% in its sophomore outing to finish fourth with a total of $24.1M.

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MIP-TV News: 4Kids Ent. Brings 7 New Properties to MIP-TV

4Kids Entertainment, Inc. has announced that it will be bring seven properties to MIP-TV 2004 for the first time. These programs include TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, YU-GI-OH!, POKÉMON, KIRBY: RIGHT BACK AT YA!, ULTIMATE MUSCLE, THE WINX CLUB and SHAMAN KING.

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The Passion Spreads Nationwide

Exceeding all expectations, Mel Gibson's THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST (with vfx by Keith Vanderlaan's Captive Audience Prods.) earned an astounding $83.8M for the weekend ended Feb. 29, 2004 and $125.1M since its Wednesday bow for Newmarket, becoming the third-biggest five-day opener ever. That's better than THE RETURN OF THE KING's $124.1M. Only THE MATRIX RELOADED and SPIDER-MAN had better openings. THE PASSION also becomes the best February opener ever, the best opener for the typically slow first quarter and the largest opener ever for a subtitled film.