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Dreamworks Headline News

DreamWorks To Preview Madagascar & Wallace & Gromit At Comic Con

DreamWorks plans to preview artwork from its upcoming feature films, including SHARK TALE, MADAGASCAR and THE WALLACE & GROMIT MOVIE, at Comic Con International, being held from July 22-25, 2004 in San Diego, California. As well, the studio will screen a sneak peek at anime feature INNOCENCE: GHOST IN THE SHELL 2 and NBC's primetime 3D series FATHER OF THE PRIDE.

Tale Headline News

DreamWorks Bites Big Promo Deals For Shark Tale

DreamWorks Consumer Products has lined up a host of partners to support the computer animated feature film SHARK TALE, which arrives in theatres October 1, 2004. The film has attracted a diverse mix of promotional support including returning partners Burger King Corp., General Mills and Hewlett-Packard, as well as new partnerships with Coca-Cola, Krispy Kreme and Great Clips.

Tale Headline News

DreamWorks Orders Shrek 3 & Shark Tale 2 Scripts

DreamWorks has ordered scripts for SHREK 3 and SHARK TALE 2, reported VARIETY; however, the studio would not comment when AWN followed up. The third adventure for the giant green orge will have him wrapped up in the King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table legend. SHREK 2, with a budget northwards of $80 million, arrives in theaters May 21, 2004, hoping to ride the huge success of the first film, which grossed $267 million in the U.S. on its way to becoming the surprise box office champ of 2001.

Tale Headline News

EM.TV Brings Fairy Tale Police Department To Mipcom

Germany's EM.TV found success with its first installment of the whimsical series FAIRY TALE POLICE DEPARTMENT (FTPD), which has sold to broadcasters in France, Italy, Spain, Latin America, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Africa and the Ukraine. Therefore, EM.TV will be bringing another round of FTPD to this year's show. The second series of FTPD (13 x 24-minutes) follows a special unit of the secret service that fights crime in the fairy tale world. FTPD agents Johnny Legend and his partner Chris Anderson ensure that all fairy tale favorites really do live happily ever after.

Tale Headline News

Spider Eye Animates Squire's Tale For TV

London-based Spider Eye has started production on a new 2D animated TV short based on Geoffrey Chaucer's CANTERBURY TALES entitled THE SQUIRE'S TALE. The project is part of S4C and BBC's continuing animated series depicting the individual tales. THE SQUIRE'S TALE is a tale of the King of Sarai and the special gifts he and his family receive from the King of Arabia and India. Animation, rendering and backgrounds for the film were produced at Jumping Jack Productions Ltd. for transfer to Spider Eye, which provided direction, ink and paint and compositing.

Film Headline News

Harvey Acquires Monkey Tale Feature

Harvey Entertainment has announced their acquisition of the U.S. rights from Pearson Television International for the feature-length film A MONKEYS TALE. The film follows the story of two tribes of monkeys one tree dwelling and one ground dwelling and what happens when one curious ape falls into the other tribes world. The film recently won best animated feature at the Hollywood Film Festival and the Toronto Sun Animation Award at the Sprockets International Film Festival for Children.

Tale Headline News


By Amid Amidi | Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 12:00am

London-based Pearson launched their independent theatrical animated feature, A MONKEY'S TALE, at the American Film Market which ended last week in Santa Monica, California. The film, which is Pearson's first foray into the theatrical feature arena, is directed by Jean-Francois Laguionie. The $14 million family entry features the voice talents of John Hurt, Michael York, Rik Mayall and Michael Gambon, as well as the hit Irish group BOYZONE, who performs the end title song. The film took nearly eight years to complete and utilized the talents of 400 animators.