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Warner’s One Eskimo blends Music and Animation into Graphic Tale

Press Release by Warner Premiere


Videos Feature Animation from Award-Winning Passion Films Best Known for Animating the Gorillaz Music Videos 10 Episode Video Series Debuts August 31 via iTunes and other Digital Channels Cutting Edge Viral Campaign Launches Giving Fans a Chance to Help the Character from the Visual Album in his Search For His True Love One eskimO Band Currently on Tour with Tori Amos in the U.S. Through August.

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Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures' Comic-Con Agenda is Full of Firsts

Press Release from Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Animation greats Hayao Miyazaki and John Lasseter and directors Robert Zemeckis and Tim Burton will take part in their first ever Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center July 23-24. The filmmakers will be on hand to help Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures showcase a wide-ranging roster of upcoming films, including 3D juggernauts ALICE IN WONDERLAND, TRON and DISNEY'S A CHRISTMAS CAROL, and animated gems THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, PONYO and the TOY STORY trilogy.

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Disney Interactive Pioneers 3-D Console Experiences This Summer

Press Release from Disney Interactive Studios

BURBANK, Calif. -- Three-dimensional experiences are taking over the film experience at movie theaters in 2009 and Disney Interactive Studios is leading the way in video games by introducing innovative stereoscopic 3-D features in two of its premier games this summer. G-FORCE and TOY STORY MANIA! both feature revolutionary innovative experiences using 3-D technology and are the first games for next-generation systems to fully feature three-dimensional stereoscopic technology.

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Details on The Art of Up

After an Academy Award win for WALL-E, where else could Pixar Animation Studios go but UP? Their latest film tells the heartwarming story of Carl Fredrickson (voiced by Ed Asner), a 78-year-old widower who feels that life has passed him by -- until a twist of fate takes him on a fantastic journey across the globe to fulfill his destiny.

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Green Knight to Battle House of Usher

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER says that Green Knight Ventures is working on a modern spin to Edgar Allen Poe's THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER. The cast includes Claire Forlani, Dougray Scott and Rufus Sewell. THE USHERS will be filmed in 3-D by director Stephen Kay based on a script by Gian Marco Masoni. The original story centers on Roderick Usher and his recently buried sister whose seems to be lingering in the house.

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Toy Story 3-D to Screen at Venice

The 66th Venice Film Festival will debut the 3-D versions of TOY STORY and TOY STORY 2 in conjunction with the lifetime achievement award its will bestow on Pixar's founder John Lasseter and the company's directors. The festival runs from Sept. 2-12.

The fest organizers said for "first time in the history of the Venice Film Festival, the award will honor not only the achievement of a single filmmaker but also the contribution of the directors of a visionary studio."

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Masterclass with Pixar Artists

Masterclass with Pixar ArtistsMontreal, Quebec, CanadaJune 13-14, 2009

VanArts is proud to present a two-day intensive Masterclass in Montreal with Story Artist Matthew Luhn and Animator Andrew Gordon from PIXAR Animation Studios! This is a one-time special event to be held in Montreal.

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Tom Hanks Discusses Toy Story 3

In an interview with EMPIRE magazine covering his upcoming films, actor Tom Hanks gave some details on his voice work for the upcoming Pixar sequel TOY STORY 3:

"I have been in and done three big complete recording sessions and will probably have at least one more to do, possibly in about eight months," he said. "Then eight months after that I'll do a mop-up and have three more sessions after that. Those movies are beasts."

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Toy Story 3 Teaser Screens at NAB

Disney presented a short teaser trailer of TOY STORY 3 to the public for the first time Sunday at NAB in Las Vegas, reports VARIETY.

The animated short shows Woody supervising the cast of toys as they improvise a sign for the film, only to have Buzz upstage them with a high-tech version.

3-D versions of the first two TOY STORY films will be released as a double feature this fall, and the third film will debut June 18, 2010.

The studio also showed the song "Belle" from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in 3-D. It will get a theatrical re-release in 2010.

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Pushing Daisies Reborn as a Comicbook

E! Online reports that cancelled ABC drama PUSHING DAISIES will live on as a comic.

Show creator Bryan Fuller told them exclusively, "We got a 12-issue order for a comic book for DC Comics. I think the comic book is great, because it has all the characters in it, and it starts a new story. It's basically Chuck, Ned, Emerson and Olive versus 1,000 corpses, so it becomes a zombie movie, but the zombies are articulate and smart and can do things that no other zombies can do. The Pie-Maker versus 1,000 corpses."

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Lucasfilm's Red Tails Completes Casting, to Begin Filming

The Lucasfilm Ltd. production of RED TAILS -- a fictional story inspired by the historic and heroic exploits of America's first all-black aerial combat unit -- has completed casting and will soon begin principal photography in Europe.

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Arab/English Preschool Show to Air on CBeebies

twofour54, based in Abu Dhabi, has signed its first partnership deal, an agreement with 3Line Media of the U.K. to co-produce a fun, educational Arabic/English children's series, DRIVER DAN'S STORY TRAIN. The series will debut in the spring of 2010 in the U.K. on the BBC's flagship U.K. children's channel CBeebies.

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Up to Debut at Cannes

Disney-Pixar's UP will be the Opening Ceremony film of the 62nd Festival de Cannes in Disney Digital 3-D on Wednesday May 13, 2009, the first time an animated 3-D film has opened at Cannes.

UP, a comedy adventure in which 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen fulfils his dream of a great adventure when he ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to the wilds of South America, only to discover that he has brought with him his biggest nightmare, a 9-year-old Wilderness Explorer stowaway.

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It Moves from TV to Film

Warner Bros. will re-adapt Stephen King's novel IT into a feature film, with Dave Kajganich to write the script, according to VARIETY.

Dan Lin and Vertigo's Roy Lee and Doug Davison will produce. A 1990 ABC miniseries also followed the story of seven children in a small Maine town who confront a murderer who strikes in 1958 and again in 1985.

Kajganich is also working on ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK for Neal Moritz and New Line, as well as TRUE STORY (Plan B at Paramount Vantage) with director Kevin McDonald attached.

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Digital Video Launches Story Planner

Digital Video, the R&D branch of the 2D software Toonz, has announced the release of Story Planner and Story Planner Pro. The new application is a tool for creating storyboards with graphical and textual information, and generating animatics with soundtrack and animations.

Developed on the base of expert storyboard artists' suggestions, Story Planner is a fundamental management tool to facilitate the creative thinking process simplifying the workflow in cinema, advertising, animation and videogames industries, increasing the production speed, saving time and costing.