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Movie Headline News

The Simpsons Movie Trailer Airs During November Sweeps & Online

In case you missed the world premiere trailer of THE SIMPSONS MOVIE, during an all-new episode of THE SIMPSONS that aired Nov. 12, 2006, from 8:00-8:30 pm, then you may catch it online at THE SIMPSONS MOVIE -- in glorious 2-D -- will premiere in theaters worldwide July 27, 2007.

Commented current SIMPSONS showrunner Al Jean: We couldnt be more excited. By an amazing coincidence, this exclusive trailer just happens to air during November sweeps.

Movie Headline News

Andrei Doubrovski Releases Meet the Flash Book Online

Russian animator Andrei Doubrovski has released an animated e-book, MEET THE FLASH.

Composed as a course for Flash newcomers, every lesson features a movie clip, showing some practical usage of the text.

The course is published as a "flash-book, " he says. It is a Flash movie that can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

The 34 embedded clips can be played as a single full-length and full-size movie (total running time about three hours). The elaborated controls allow you to instantly find any fragment by time or by topic.

Movie Headline News

BKN’s 3D Animated A Christmas Carol to Make U.S. Theatrical Debut

BKN Home Ent. Ltd. announced today (Sept. 21, 2006) that its all-new CGI 3D animated movie, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, makes its U.S. theatrical debut on Nov. 4. Movie distributor Kidtoon Films will be screening the feature at some 100 U.S. theaters nationwide Nov. 4-26 during weekend matinees.

The Kidtoon Films program is a G-rated movie matinee event designed for kids and families with cartoon shorts, music videos and sing-alongs before the movie, complete with giveaways such as stickers, temporary tattoos, activity books or toys after the movie.

Animation Headline News

AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for Sept. 18, 2006

This week in AWN's Forums, members cant help but talk about the 20th anniversary DVD of TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE. Several threads are discussing the prospects for animation education in India. Theres a thread talking about a new movie made entirely in 3ds Max. A member has a question about blending colors in cel-shaded animation. Another member has questions about rendering in Maya. Others continue to post their work for another members to critique.

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Jazwares Introduces Animated Movie Making Studio for Kids

Kids may now direct, produce and screen their own action movies with the MARVEL HEROES ANI-MOVIE, THE ANIMATED MOVIE MAKER from Jazwares Inc. The ANI-MOVIE lets young filmmakers create and edit action-packed movies, using the latest stop-motion, digital technology, and view them on their own television.

Festival Events

Brainwash Movie Festival 2006

By Guest (not verified) | Friday, July 7, 2006 at 11:00am
Begins: July 7, 2006

The Brainwash Movie Festival is showing a little more than an hour of short movies for the first time ever at the Mighty Ruckus Festival this year. Located 1598 Custer at Rankin off of Third Street in San Francisco, the Mighty Ruckus Festival features eight hours of great bands and four other movie production companies, starting at 2:00 pm and running until 10:00 pm. Brainwash will show 21 short featurettes of a variety of genres.

Movie Headline News

Dragonlance Movie Stay Close to Book

Cindi Rice, co-exec producer of the upcoming animated fantasy film, DRAGONS OF AUTUMN TWILIGHT, said the film will remain true to the book by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, the first in their Dragonlance Chronicles series, reports SCI FI WIRE.

"I'm extremely proud of the creative team I brought together," Rice said. "George Strayton has written a very cool script while staying true to Margaret's and Tracy's vision. Will Meugniot is simply an animation genius, and he's helping us create a very innovative and complex film. It is a joy to work with both of them."

Anime Headline News

Fullmetal Alchemist 2 Makes U.S. Debut at Anime Expo

Anime Expo and FUNimation Ent. have announced that the U.S. premiere of FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: THE MOVIE - CONQUEROR OF SHAMBALLA will be held at Anime Expo in the Main Events hall in the Anahiem Convention Center on Monday, July 3, 2006, from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm. The event will be hosted by Anime Expo 2006 official Guests of Honor Japanese movie director Seiji Mizushima, Japanese voice actor for Edward Elric, Romi Paku, U.S. voice actor for Edward Elric, Vic Mignogna, FUNimation Guest U.S. English dub director, Mike McFarland and special guest Masahiko Minami, president of Studio Bones.

Entertainment Headline News

Paramount, Xbox Launch Movie Showcase

Paramount Pictures and Xbox have pioneered the first-ever Xbox Movie Showcase cross-platform marketing program between a movie studio and Microsoft's Xbox Live. Launching April 12, the Xbox Movie Showcase will feature free, high-definition, downloadable content from MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III, starring Tom Cruise and directed by J.J. Abrams (the creator of LOST and ALIAS), hitting theaters May 5, and NACHO LIBRE, a comedy starring Jack Black and directed by Jared Hess, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE) in theaters June 16.

Cartoon Events

Cartoon Movie 2006

By Guest (not verified) | Thursday, March 9, 2006 at 11:00am
Begins: March 9, 2006

With the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, CARTOON initiated Cartoon Movie to establish a synergy between distributors, investors and producers and thus accelerate the financing and distribution process of animated features in Europe. Cartoon Movie was designed along the lines of the successful Cartoon Forum, which aims at facilitating the financing of animation TV series. But Cartoon Movie also offers improvements in the management of cross border film distribution systems in Europe.

Movie Headline News

Ninja Turtles to Go Head-to-Head with Meet the Robinsons

The first 3D-animated TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES feature from The Weinstein Co. and Warner Bros. Pictures will find its way to theaters in North America on March 30, 2007. That means it will go head-to-head with Disneys next 3D-animated feature, MEET THE ROBINSONS, which has just been pushed back from Dec. 15 of this year.

Warner Bros. Pictures will handle domestic distribution and the Weinstein Co. will distribute overseas.

Movie Headline News

Dimension Gains Comic Book Movie Spoof

Dimension Films has snatched up John Unholz's superhero spoof COMIC BOOK: THE MOVIE, according to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. The spec sold for mid-six against seven figures after going out wide to studios on the morning of Feb. 23, 2006. Dimension purchased the script that night after it drew interest from multiple studios.

Reminiscent of the SCARY MOVIE franchise, this film spoofs comicbook-based films. There are no producers or director attached yet.

Alexander Franklin is overseeing for Dimension.

Trailer Headline News

Test Your Stuff at the Movie Trailer Showdown

By Rick DeMott | Thursday, February 16, 2006 at 12:00am

Movie Trailer Showdown CompetitionLondon, U.K.June 14, 2006Deadline: May 1, 2006

Frozen Moon Prods. Ltd. is hosting the Movie Trailer Showdown Competition. As an individual, team or company, the contest challenges entrants to make a film trailer no longer than 1.5 minutes.

Movie Headline News

THQ Scores Worldwide Videogame Rights to Stormbreaker Movie

THQ Inc. has the exclusive worldwide rights to develop and publish videogames based on the forthcoming teen spy movie, STORMBREAKER. The movie follows the award-winning author Anthony Horowitz's series of best-selling Alex Rider books. The videogames, developed by Altron for Nintendo DS and Razorback Developments for Game Boy Advance, are scheduled for a simultaneous worldwide launch with the movie in summer 2006.

Films Headline News

New Survey Finds Positive Signs for 3-D Future

More than 39 million American adults would go to the movies more often if Hollywood offered more feature-length films in 3-D, according to a new survey by Opinion Dynamics Corp. (ODC).

Results from a nationwide survey of 900 adults show that 12% of Americans roughly 26 million adults would go to the movies more often to see 3-D movies. Another 6% 13 million adults would go more often depending on the types of films offered in 3-D.

Star Headline News

Star Trek Net Spoof Finland's Most Viewed Movie

A spoof of science-fiction classic STAR TREK distributed free over Internet has become Finland's most viewed movie, REUTERS reports and has reached more than three million viewers in less than two months.

STAR WRECK: IN THE PIRKINNING is a full-length feature (with English subtitles) made by a group of students and other amateur filmmakers on a few home computers to create elaborate special effects on a minimalist budget.

Movie Headline News

Starz To Bring a First Look at Narnia

By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, November 23, 2005 at 12:00am

Starz Ent. Group (SEG), Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media announced that they will partner to bring Starz and Encore viewers an exclusive sneak peek at Walt Disney Pictures' and Walden Media's THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE prior to its nationwide theatrical release on Dec. 9, 2005. Starz, Starz Kids & Family and Encore viewers will be taken behind the wardrobe door to experience a 30-minute Starz Original production and a nine-minute sneak peek of the film beginning on Thanksgiving day, Thursday, Nov. 24.

Movie Headline News

Original Kong Arrives on DVD

The long-awaited DVD debut of the original KING KONG (Warner Home Video, $26.99 for special edition or $39.92 for collectors edition) arrives Nov. 22, 2005, looking as great as you might expect of a vintage movie whose negative has long since vanished. Superb contrast and clarity are the result of a DVD production two years in the making, and now we can view the uncensored version in all its terror and glory. As Ray Harryhausen suggests in his commentary, this is the first example of an animated character in a starring role the first modern movie monster.

Movie Headline News

SCI FI Saturday Action Movie Cerberus Premieres Oct. 29

SCI FI�s Saturday Action Movie continues in October with the premiere of CERBERUS, an original movie produced to air on the SCI FI Channel Oct. 29, 2005, at 9:00 pm and encore Nov. 3 at 9:00 pm.