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Mill Headline News

The Mill Creates Titles for 'Snow White & the Huntsman'

Combining high-speed Phantom footage, elements from the film, CGI and a custom designed font, The Mill L.A. created an intensely dark and truly gothic sequence for Universal’s “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

Mill Headline News

mental images Introduces Two Editions of mental mill

mental mill, a look-development environment for creating platform-independent shaders in MetaSL, has been launched from mental images in two editions: the Standard Edition, which is a complete visual development environment that includes powerful debugging capabilities, shader authoring features, exporters to DCC and CAD software, and instant mental ray preview rendering; and the Artist Edition, which is a subset of the mental mill toolset, and comes bundled with Autodesk 3ds Max 2010.

Mill Headline News

mental mill Artist Edition Offers Breakthrough for Hardware Shaders

mental images announced the upcoming availability of mental mill Artist Edition at the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco. mental images is known for providing artists and visual effects professionals with leading edge software tools to render their imagination visible such as mental ray and now mental mill, which is a breakthrough technology for the creation of hardware shaders in all popular formats.

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Picture Mill Takes a Bow for Dreamgirls Main Titles

Hollywood design studio Picture Mill created a colorful, high-voltage, show-stopping, curtain call for the main title sequence of DREAMGIRLS, nominated for eight Oscars, from Paramount/DreamWorks. The concept was to celebrate the performances of stars and supporting cast, much like the rising curtain at the end of a Broadway musical.

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Mill Paint Effects For Infiniti

The Mill London team has produced a new commercial for Infiniti. Directed by French directing team Pleix for Chiat Day/ TBWA through BlinkInk, the spots contain a very clever use of paint for dramatic effect. In the first spot, we see the Infiniti creating and parting huge waves as it drives through a sea of warm colored paint, and in the second spot a stormy sky of deep blues, purples and yellows crash above the cars below.

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The Mill Names Marc Ruxin COO

Marc Ruxin has been hired as the coo of The Mill Group North America and Alistair Thompson has been promoted to md of The Mill New York.

Ruxin will be responsible for the growth, management and development of new products and services for The Mill and BEAM.TV. Ruxin brings 13 years of experience leading strategy, business development and marketing efforts on both the client and agency side of the technology and entertainment business.

Mill Headline News

Passion & Mill Dare Gorillaz

DARE is the latest single from Gorillaz's celebrity strewn DEMON DAYS CD, and this time round the video sees the cartoon heroes being joined by the head of Shaun Ryder. Compositing involving 3D backgrounds, 2D animation and live-action footage of Shaun Ryder's head had was by Passion Pictures and The Mill ran two Flame machines for three days to finished their portion of the work. As usual all the characters have been designed by the ferociously talented Jamie Hewlett.

Mill Headline News

Mill New York Goes Smooth with Skittles

Skittles, the brightly colored candy, has launched a new brand: Smoothie Mix Skittles. This time, the candy combines all the different fruit flavors used in the original sweets to create these new flavors. This new line was launched with two :30 spots that focus on mixing up two unbelievable items. These challenging vfx heavy spots were created by Mill New York, who was involved right from pre-production.

Mill Headline News

Colorist Seamus O’Kane to Join The Mill

Seamus O'Kane has left VTR to join The Mills transatlantic telecine team of Fergus McCall, Adam Scott, Paul Harrison, Jamie Wilkinson, Tom Poole and James Bamford.

OKane, who begins in April, has worked with award-winning directors Ivan Zacharias, Steve Reeves, Stuart Douglas, Chris Palmer, Vince Squibb and Tom Carty. Among his many recent credits are: Stella ENGLISH AIRMAN (Zacharias), HSBC EASY RIDER (Palmer) and Lynx KUNG FU ROMANTIC (Tom Carty).

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The Mill Helps VCCP Show Off Hyundai’s Range of Cars

With the help of The Mill, VCCP developed a strong, simple strategy to show off Hyundais broad range of cars: a car first, a badge second. The campaign comprises seven executions, each showcasing a different car and a different brand message. The cars zip around abstract black-and-white landscapes until it is revealed, through large scale camera zoom-outs, that the cars are in fact tackling terrain provided by giant type spelling out brand messages.

Animation Headline News

The Mill Purchases endorphin for High-End Visual Effects

The Mill has purchased endorphin, a stand-alone application from NaturalMotion Ltd. that uses AI and dynamics simulation to create 3D character animation in realtime, to create high-end visual effects in its commercials and promo departments at its studio in Soho, London.

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The Mill Dances with Jellyfish

What happens when two Asian techno cowboys ride through a futuristic desert? They find a giant jellyfish, nestling between tree trunks naturally. The first spot from Hutchinson 3s new campaign about sharing goes from the bizarre to the surreal as two outlaws drag their jellyfish back to town, feed it an illegal-looking substance and gaze wondrously as it comes to life. Soon the cowboys and jellyfish are dancing in tandem, cutting some slick moves.

Mill Headline News

Bison Run Through City Streets - The Mill Claims Responsibility

London-based visual effects company The Mill has created a charging herd of bison for the new Levi's spot "Stampede," which premiered in the U.S. during the Superbowl on January 26, 2003. The spot is promoting Levi's new Type 1 jeans and was directed by Jorn Haagen at Academy, for agency BBH New York. The commercial opens with a stampede of bison running through the desert on their way to a city. They arrive in the city, knocking down lamp posts and breaking windows.

Effects Headline News

Cinesite Europe Adds New Talent

Raiding the pool of talent left after Mill Film removed itself from the feature effects business, Cinesite Europe, Ltd. has appointed Mill Film's former managing director Antony Hunt as managing director and former director of miniature effects at Mill Film José Granell as visual effects supervisor/director of models. These senior staff members join CG artists Simon Stanley-Clamp, Andy Kind, Ivor Middleton and Royston Wilcocks, all also formerly of Mill Film. Cinesite Europe, Ltd.

Mill Headline News

The Mill Leaves Feature Effects To Focus On Commercials

The Mill, one of Londons premier visual effects facilities, has announced that its feature effects division Mill Film will no longer work on feature film visual effects but will instead concentrate on advertising, The Mill's core business. Mill Film won an Academy Award in 2000 for its feature film effects work on GLADIATOR, the only U.K. company ever to be so honored.