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Animated Music Videos Headline News

Fleet Foxes’ ‘Featherweight’ Music Video Takes Flight

Director Sean Pecknold used hand-crafted stop-motion animation and a multiplane camera to capture a young hawk’s struggle to fly with a broken wing; short premiered September 21 at a GRAMMY Museum retrospective featuring band frontman Robin Pecknold.

Lotte Reiniger Headline News

Getty Presenting Lotte Reiniger’s ‘Adventures of Prince Achmed’ March 21

Critically acclaimed Stockholm-based musical act Dungen creates mystical and vibrant live score to accompany historic animated film created by pioneering animator Lotte Reiniger.

Lotte Reiniger Headline News

Google Celebrates Lotte Reiniger with New Doodle

New Google Doodle celebrates the 117th birthday of German animation pioneer Charlotte “Lotte” Reiniger, widely credited as the developer of the cut-paper silhouette animation technique, and the director of the first feature-length animated film.