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Gaga Headline News

ABC to Air 'Lady Gaga & The Muppets’ Holiday Spectacular'

Special will feature performances by Sir Elton John, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and RuPaul and an appearance by Kristen Bell, along with several performances by Lady Gaga from her new album, ARTPOP, including a duet with Kermit the Frog.

Lady Headline News

Nice Shoes Lights a Fire with Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's latest epic, which has had tens of millions of views online since its premiere, is directed by the Lady herself, and features her strutting through a parking lot of car fires and explosions. The explosive effects come courtesy of a collaborative effort between Post Supervisor Foad Faridzadeh of Dream Riders Studio and the Nice Shoes VFX team led by Creative Director Aron Baxter and Head of CG Boaz Livny. It's yet another project that has paired Nice Shoes with a high profile musician.

Company Headline News

Company 3 Color Performs Color Grade for Lady Gaga’s ‘Alejandro’

Company 3 recently completed work on Lady Gaga’s newest music video, “Alejandro,” which was released on the web on June 7.

Film Headline News

Lady and the Tramp Sparkles on DVD

In honor of its 50th anniversary, a new two-disc special edition of Disneys beloved LADY AND THE TRAMP comes to DVD Feb. 28, 2006 (Walt Disney Home Ent., $29.99). Like BAMBI and CINDERELLA, a 4K scan of the Technicolor negative was made, finally offering the entire CinemaScope image with brilliant resolution and clarity. Assisting the Technology Film Restoration team headed by Theo Gluck was John Lowrys group at DTS Digital Images. They scanned 4.2 miles of film and removed 30 million pieces of dust and dirt.

Disney Headline News

Lady and the Tramp: The Last of a Breed

At last nights 50th anniversary tribute to LADY AND THE TRAMP at Hollywoods El Capitan Theatre, long-time Disney animator Andreas Deja explained that it was the last of the Walt Disney features to have round, sculpted animation. The studio launched a whole different aesthetic style with SLEEPING BEAUTY.

Lady Events

Lady and the Tramp Screening

By Guest (not verified) | Thursday, February 2, 2006 at 11:00am
Begins: February 2, 2006

Walt Disney Pictures is bringing its animated classic LADY AND THE TRAMP back to theaters in a special engagement at the El Capitan theater. In celebration of the forthcoming DVD release on Feb. 28, the screening will be of the new digitally restored version of the film. The opening night screening will feature a panel discussion with the people behind the scenes of the film and its restoration. For more information, call 1-800-Disney6.

Lady Headline News

John Canemaker to Host 50th Lady and the Tramp at El Capitan Theatre

Distinguished animation historian John Canemaker, nominated yesterday for an Oscar with Peggy Stern for the animated short THE MOON AND THE SON: AN IMAGINED CONVERSATION, will host the opening night panel for LADY AND THE TRAMP in honor of its 50th anniversary at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Thursday (Feb. 2, 2006).

Film Headline News

Lady and the Tramp Celebrates 50th Anniversary on DVD and at El Capitan Theatre

In celebration of Valentine's Day, puppy love and the upcoming 50th anniversary edition DVD of Walt Disney's animated classic, LADY AND THE TRAMP, the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood will present a special two-week engagement of the film from Feb. 2-14, debuting a magnificent new digitally restored CinemaScope version of the film.

Lady Headline News

Shyamalan Brings Water Lady to Warner

Warner Bros. has agreed to produce M. Night Shyamalans next fantasy thriller LADY IN THE WATER, the trades report. THE VILLAGE filmmaker will write and direct as well as produce along with Blinding Edge Pictures Sam Mercer. All of the thrill masters pics since THE SIXTH SENSE have been made with Walt Disney, however both parties past on working on LADY together.

Films Headline News

ADV Films Announces Lady Death DVD

ADV Films has announced a street date of Oct. 5, 2004 for the DVD of LADY DEATH: THE MOTION PICTURE ($29.98), the first animated feature produced by the companys original content division. Working closely with LADY DEATH creator Brian Pulido, first time director and conceptual designer Andrew Orjuela teamed with writer Carl Macek,(developer and story editor of the ROBOTECH series, and producer/director of the English language version of VAMPIRE HUNTER D) to bring the Chaos! Comics character to the screen. ALI composer Bill Brown provided the score.

Lady Headline News

Lady Death Movie Premiere at Comic-Con

U.S. anime producer/distributor ADV Films will premiere its first animated feature, LADY DEATH: THE MOTION Picture on July 23, 2004 at 9:00 pm at the Comic-Con 2004 in San Diego in room 5AB. Director Andrew Orjuela and creator Brian Pulido, among other members of the LADY DEATH creative team, are scheduled to be on hand at the screening Friday night and will also be signing autographs and talking to fans at the ADV booth at 1:00 pm July 22-24 at the convention.

Animation Headline News

Bally Bets on DMA For SNL's Church Lady

New York City-based DMA Animation has produced two minutes of character animation based SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE'S (SNL) CHURCH LADY to be used in casino games for Bally Gaming and Systems (Las Vegas), a division of Alliance Gaming. Licensed from NBC and Broadway Video, Bally will install CHURCH LADY in casinos nationwide, and internationally, in June. Slot players can expect to spin the reels and be treated to animations of the character, complete with all of her trademark mannerisms and saying such as "Well, isn't that special?" and "Could it be Satan?"

Production Headline News

Production To Begin On Lady Death

ADV Films is bringing Chaos! Comics' LADY DEATH to life. Artists at SunMin Image Pictures in Asia under the supervision of director Young H. Sang will be animating the digital feature, based on Brian Pulido's original story. Set in 15th century Sweden, a wrongly accused young woman named Hope is sent to Hell where she is transformed into Lady Death and forced to battle Lucifer in his own domain. Executive producer and ADV co-founder John Ledford hopes to create a new production model with LADY DEATH that redefines the relationship between Asian animation studios and Western creators.

Lady Headline News

Direct-To-Vid Sequel For Lady & The Tramp

By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, February 28, 2001 at 12:00am

Walt Disney Home Video is releasing the direct-to-video sequel to LADY AND THE TRAMP, entitled LADY AND THE TRAMP II: SCAMP'S ADVENTURE. Arriving on DVD and video on February 27, 2001, the film, directed by Darrell Rooney (LION KING II) and Jeannine Roussel (POCAHONTAS II), follows the exploits of Lady and the Tramp's son Scamp, who wishes nothing more than to play in a world without fences.