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Chapter 13: Don’t Give Your Right Name!

Fats Waller once said that, and another blues man sang, "It Must Be Jelly, ‘Cause Jam Don’t Shake Like That!'" There really was a man named Jam -- Jam Handy -- and he ran a 500-person studio in the then gloomy city of Detroit. It was an amazing adventure working there, in that most amazing, little-known but heavyweight studio. I directed my first film there, nearly had my tender career nipped, and discovered John Lee Hooker. 1949-51.

Chapter 11: My Talents Discovered

Proof-positive that I was a born artist.

How My Mother Discovered, A. That I Could Draw, and B. That I was Left-Handed

She smelled something from my nursery, rushed in and saw that I was standing up in my crib and drawing on the wall*.... with my left-hand index finger... having dipped it into the contents of my diaper. I thus proved my early resourcefulness in making the most of limited technology.

From this my mother optimistically deduced that there is a difference between a shitty artist and a shitted artist.

Chapter 8: Make Luck Happen!

You need a lot of luck to make it in the movie business. How do you get lucky? Is success really just a matter of luck -- chance? Or can you lure luck your way? Here are some tips.

Many have asked me how to get started in animation, and how to prosper in it creatively and financially. Dare I mention luck?*

Chapter 4: Animation Tech-Talk

The technology of animation has changed somewhat over the past 35,000 years, when it was first attempted by cave men, but the basics remain. Here they are in specifics:

Technically, the production method of film animation remained basically unchanged since Raoul Barre patented peg-holes, and pegs to fit into them. In the same year pioneer animator,J ohn Bray first used transparent cels.

Chapter 2: Animation -- What The Heck is It?

I like things to be clear, so just to be sure we’re all talking about the same thing, I decided to work out a bullet-proof definition of animation; something that covers all forms and fashions of frame-by-frame endeavors. See if you agree with me. If not, we’re off to a rocky start.

Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, who know what they're talking about, called it "The Illusion of Life."  But how do you do that?  To do it, you really have to think about what it is.  When you know what it is, you can master it.

Foreward - An Overview: What This Book Is All About


Whizzing, exploding, hopping, and boinging across our screens, animated cartoons have grabbed us from childhood and beyond. Feature-length movie versions have lifted the technology to amazing heights. This is potentially the greatest of art forms, combining nearly all the others into one. Graphic arts, literature, storytelling, humor, satire, drama, acting, music, song, ballet, poetry, can all be combined in this virtually limitless method of expression.

Foreward - How to Succeed in Animation

Everything you ever wanted to know about animation, but were afraid Gene might tell you.   It’s basically all up-front in the intro stuff. The main thing is, if you really want to get anywhere in animation, don’t cheat by just skipping through this book.  You have to read every word!  Really! 

How To Succeed in Animation

(Don't Let a Little Thing Like Failure Stop You!)

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