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Oscar-Qualified ‘Dragonfly’ Recounts the Devastating 1945 Tokyo Firebombing

For filmmaker Julia Morizawa, learning about her grandparents she’d only seen in a black and white photo meant coming face-to-face with the horrors of the single most destructive bombing raid in human history, and how asking questions and confronting the past is the only way to keep tragic events from being lost to history and possibly happening again.

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Julia Morizawa’s ‘Dragonfly’ to Premiere at 39th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

The short, part of the festival’s May 7 ‘Lost and Found’ animation program, tells a young girl’s story of discovering her mother’s survival of the 1945 Tokyo Firebombing.

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Glassbox Technologies Releases DragonFly 3.0

Updates to the cross-platform virtual camera solution include more seamless integration and support of Unreal Engine 5; new features streamline the creative workflow and accelerate the virtual production pipeline. 

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Glassbox Releases DragonFly 2.0

Enhancements to the cross-platform virtual production software include camera tracking advancements, live motion-capture support, flexible licensing, and other features to help better meet the needs of independents and teams working in-studio or remotely.

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Glassbox Technologies Launches with Real-Time Virtual Production Workflows

Virtual production specialists announce private betas for two key solutions -- DragonFly and BeeHive -- for Unreal Engine, Unity 3D and Autodesk Maya that will be made publicly available later this year.