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Character & Creature Sculpture Seminar w/ Jordu Schell

Begins: August 22, 2010

Nucleus is pleased to have back in our gallery the talented, humorous, Fine Art sculpter and creature designer, Jordu Schell for this rare one day sculpture course. Students will gain substantial insight and a small intro of the content taught in his regular 5 week courses. Sign up early, seats are limited.

Highlights include:

-A slide show lecture-A sculpting demonstration-Discussion of the tools used and the effects business-Q and A session

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Cinesite to Provide Creature Effects for Clash of the Titans

Cinesite has been selected by Warner Bros. to provide major creature animation on CLASH OF THE TITANS. The work involves a major battle sequence, and will include 2D and 3D shots as well as a lead CG creature.

CLASH OF THE TITANS, directed by Louis Leterrier (THE INCREDIBLE HULK) with Nick Davis as visual effects supervisor, is a remake of the 1981 film. It is the myth of Perseus and his quest to battle both Medusa and the Kraken monster in order to save the Princess Andromeda.

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EA Unveils Spore Line-up for 2009

The SPORE franchise is evolving! With more than 65 million pieces of user-created content shared online, fans from around the globe have gravitated to the game's powerful creativity-centered experience and massively single-player content sharing site. This year, the award-winning SPORE franchise continues to evolve as Maxis, an Electronic Arts studio announces four new titles, each designed to deliver a unique experience to a specific audience; SPORE GALACTIC ADVENTURES, SPORE CREATURE KEEPER, SPORE HERO and SPORE HERO ARENA.

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Gnomon Introduces Creature Design Series With Terryl Whitlatch

This week The Gnomon Workshop introduces a new CREATURE DESIGN series by renowned concept artist and illustrator Terryl Whitlatch. Whitlatch has a background in vertebrate zoology and animal anatomy and has been able to transfer her scientific knowledge into science fiction, creating believable creatures of alien origin. She is most well known for contributions to the recent STAR WARS trilogy and her seven years of creature design for Lucasfilm, ILM and George Lucas' JAK Films. Her book, THE WILDLIFE OF STAR WARS received critical acclaim.

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More Than 250,000 Spore Creatures Created...And Counting

We're not alone in the galaxy! Maxis, an Electronic Arts studio, announced that SPORE fans and the creatively curious have designed and shared more than 250,000 new alien life forms since Tuesday's launch of the SPORE CREATURE CREATOR -- currently more than two creatures are being shared every second.

Anyone can download their own copy of the SPORE CREATURE CREATOR or check out thousands of amazing creations from around the world in the Sporepedia at

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Spore Creature Creator Available Worldwide June 17

The next Big Bang is almost here, and it starts with the launch of the SPORE CREATURE CREATOR June 17.

A free downloadable demo, and complete retail version of the SPORE CREATURE CREATOR will be available starting June 17, 2008. The SPORE CREATURE CREATOR gives Spore fans, and those who are creatively curious, the first hands-on opportunity to design their own species and share it with their friends.

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Universal Studios Shows Us The Black Lagoon

Drawn from Universal's crypt of classic monsters and updated with spectacular Broadway production values and special effects, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON -- THE MUSICAL will rise, live, on stage at Universal Studios Hollywood beginning spring 2009.

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Spore Countdown Begins

In less than a year, on Feb. 28, 2009, Will Wright's new world SPORE, will debut.

SPORE is an epic journey that takes you from the origin and evolution of life through the development of civilization and technology and eventually all the way into the deepest reaches of outer space.

Begin your odyssey at the dawn of life as a simple microbe just trying to survive, then use the fun, intuitive editors to evolve the creature from its microscopic origins into an intelligent, tool-using race.

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The Host Runs Wild on DVD

THE HOST, one of Korea's biggest box office sensations, with a toxic avenging monster in the best tradition, lands on DVD July 24, 2007 (Magnolia Pictures, $29.98).

In THE HOST, the city is Seoul, South Korea, and the monster is a 40-foot long creature that emerges from the river. The unique creature was conceived by director Bong Joon-ho and visualized by designer Jang Hee-chul. Based on detailed artwork, a maquette was then created at Weta Workshop, New Zealand, and scanned at Gentle Giant Studios in Los Angeles.

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American Version of Creature Comfort Premieres on CBS

The American version of CREATURE COMFORTS, the hit British television series, premieres tonight, (June 4, 2007) at 8:00-8:30 pm on the CBS. Based on the original Academy Award-winning short film of the same name created by Nick Park and Aardman Animations Ltd., the stop-motion animated series employs a unique format that culls excerpts from real person interviews in the U.S. and places them in the mouths of a wide variety of animated animals to produce humorous, charming and insightful commentaries on everyday life.

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Henson Certain About Doubful Guest Creature Design

Jim Hensons Creature Shop is creating the mischievous creature in the live-action feature, THE DOUBTFUL GUEST, with a combination of animatronics and CGI and faithful to illustrator-writer Edward Goreys look and whimsical tone, according to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

Walden Media, Fox 2000 and the Jim Henson Co. are partnering on the adaptation of THE DOUBTFUL GUEST about a quirky family whose lives are turned upside down by the uninvited guest.

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Creature Comforts Return to DVD

From British-based Aardman Animations, comes the two-disc CREATURE COMFORTS: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON (Sony Pictures Home Ent., $24.96), featuring all 12 wickedly clever episodes of a series that provides a glimpse into the innermost thoughts of animals. In addition, SPE has also recently released the lively Christmas special CREATURE COMFORTS: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! ($9.95) and a boxed set of CREATURE COMFORTS: SEASONS 1 & 2 ($40.95). All three Creature Comforts releases arrived on DVD on Oct. 24, 2006