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Brickyard VFX Expands Workload for Volkswagen Shorts

Brickyard VFX expanded its work for Volkswagen from visual effects to end-to-end creative direction with 14 short films to promo the 2006 Volkswagen (VW) Passat. VW and advertising agency Arnold Worldwide tapped Brickyard as one of a handful of production entities to conceive and produce the clever and artsy :15-second films, each of which focuses on one of the features of the new "beyond-loaded" Passat. The Volkswagen Passat Feature Films Project has been rolled out via and traditional broadcast media.

Brickyard Headline News

Brickyard VFX Launches CG Animation Division

Artist-owned-and-operated Brickyard VFX announced the launch of a CG division, extending the companys on-site visual effects capabilities to include character modeling, animation and rendering in full 3D. The move, which includes the hiring of industry talents Jay Lichtman, Robert Sethi and Yafei Wu, is already allowing the bi-coastal effects studio to complete more and different types of client work.

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Brickyard VFX Goes Extra Mile for Hummer

In a flurry of recent work, artist-owned-and-operated effects company Brickyard VFX has designed end graphics and eleventh-hour visual effects enhancements for TOBOGGAN, a holiday-themed commercial promoting the Hummer 2. The company was initially tapped by Boston advertising agency Modernista! to design the ads animated end-tag graphics exclusively, but also stepped up to the plate with frame-by-frame color correction and other effect tweaks when last-minute creative changes needed to be done in a pinch.

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Brickyard Creates VFX for Olympic-Bound VW Spots

Brickyard VFX has created a series of commercials for Volkswagen that are airing during the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. The spots, completed via agency client Arnold Worldwide, production company Anonymous Content and director Malcolm Venville, promote VW's Touareg and Phaeton automobiles, respectively, with ads titled PICTURE and WARP SPEED.

Brickyard Headline News

boujou Helps Unite Beetle and iPod in New Spot

Brickyard VFX recently used boujou, the 3D camera matchmoving software from 2d3 to complete a complex shot tracking for PODS UNITE, a new commercial promoting Volkswagen's New Beetle and the Apple iPod. A longtime 2d3 customer based out of Boston, Brickyard handled all visual effects and compositing for the 30-second tie-in spot, produced via advertising agency Arnold Worldwide.