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Boom Headline News

Toon Boom Releases its First Animation Software for Kids

Emmy award-winning Toon Boom Animation has launched Flip Boom, a fun and creative free-form animation tool. Based on traditional animation principles, Flip Boom sets the imagination free while teaching notions of timing and motion.

Easy to use, Flip Boom is intuitive and provides a playful experience. Flip Boom is ideal for kids who want to start creating animation in seconds.

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Toon Boom Roars for Leopard

The professional line of products from Emmy Award-winning Toon Boom Animation Inc. now runs on Mac OS X version 10.5 Leopard, Apple's latest operating system. The professional software packages Storyboard Pro and Digital Pro, and the consumer software Storyboard, all run smoothly on Leopard. Toon Boom users will enjoy the more aesthetic and fluid user interface during the creative process.

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Toon Boom Releases Studio 4

Toon Boom Animation announced today the release of Toon Boom Studio 4, the latest version of its all-in-one animation software solution. Incorporating a more user-friendly interface for greater flexibility and ease of operation, the new release includes a number of improved features:

* Photo Animation Made Easy to animate bitmap images like any other vector drawing.* Extended Line Styles to create a multitude of line styles including calligraphy.* Feather Edges to create vector blur or glow effects.

Studio Headline News

Toon Boom Studio 4 Is Coming

Toon Boom Animation Inc. just announced the upcoming release of Toon Boom Studio 4, an all-in-one animation software, offering a smooth experience creating rich, eye-catching animations for video, websites, television, film, games, mobile devices, and more. Based on a powerful Emmy award-winning technology, Studio 4 has greater capabilities to create a wider range of animation styles within a more user-friendly interface.

New features in new in Studio 4 are:

* Redesigned user interface for a seamless workflow and a smoother experience

Boom Headline News

First Ascent Getting Second Script

Walt Disney Pictures has hired Andrew Cosby and Johanna Stokes to rewrite FIRST ASCENT, according to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. The supernatural action/adventure follows a climbing group who encounters a yeti in the mountains of Bhutan.

Cosby is the creator of SCI FI Channel's EUREKA and recently started comicbook publisher Boom! Studio, which has several film adaptations of its titles set up at various studios. Stokes is a Boom! comicbook writer, who has done script work for EUREKA.

Jason Reed, Brigham Taylor and Casey Wolfe are shepherding for Disney.

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Toon Boom & FableVision Partner on Learning Tools

Emmy award-winning Toon Boom Animation Inc. announced its partnership with FableVision, the award-winning educational media and interactive developer and publisher, to jointly develop educational solutions for K-12 and consumer markets.

"Toon Boom is fully committed to the educational market and our close collaboration with FableVision reinforces our intention to develop easy-to-use, educative and fun applications for students and schools," stated Joan Vogelesang, president/ceo at Toon Boom.

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Toon Boom Authorized Training Center Opens in South Africa

Toon Boom Animation Inc. has appointed Little Black Dot Studios (LBD) as the Toon Boom Authorized Training Center for the SADEC Region, headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. Following an intensive training in Toon Boom premises and at Nelvana early 2007, Harry Ravelomanantsoa, founder/director/lead instructor at LBD, gained invaluable experience learning Toon Booms software solutions and working in a prestigious studio environment.

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Toon Boom Releases Storyboard Pro

Toon Boom Animation Inc. has released Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, the only digital storyboarding software for films, documentaries, gaming, advertising and animation projects. Storyboard Pro is an entirely paperless system, enabling storyboard artists, directors and producers to save significant time and costs, as well as help preserve the Earth's natural resources.

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Toon Boom Releases Studio V3.5 Experience for Vista

Toon Boom Animation Inc. has released the Windows Vista ready, Toon Boom Studio V3.5 Service Pack 1. In addition to offering full support on Microsoft's next generation operating system, Windows Vista, Toon Boom Studio SP1 delivers many significant improvements on both Windows and MAC OS X.

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Universal Tags Boom! Studios Comic

By Rick DeMott | Thursday, December 14, 2006 at 12:00am

Universal Pictures has tapped Carey Malloy to adapt Boom! Studios' horror comicbook TAG for the big screen, according to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. Marc Platt will produce alongside Ross Richie and Andrew Cosby of Boom Ent. Inc.

Written by Keith Giffen and drawn by Kody Chamberlain, the comic tells the story of an average Joe who while walking down the street one night is tagged by a stranger, giving him a pagan curse that makes him begin to decompose before his eyes.

Donna Langley, Jeff Kirschenbaum and David Ortiz will shepherd for the studio.

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Toon Boom Studio 3.5 Released

Emmy award-winning Toon Boom Animation Inc. has released Toon Boom Studio V3.5. Tailored to customer feature requests, TBS v3.5 provides significant improvements to animation creation and color palette management, as well as the addition of new special effects. V3.5 also offers a more user-friendly interface with an interactive welcome screen, help wizard and timeline improvements.

Highlights of this latest release include:* More than 30 improvements to boost productivity.

* New wizards for a faster start.

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Toon Boom Storyboard Launched at MIFA 2006

Emmy award-winning Toon Boom Animation Inc. announced the release of Toon Boom Storyboard, the leading storyboarding system for visual storytelling. Developed in conjunction with expert storyboard artists, Toon Boom Storyboard speeds up production planning and enables studios to increase production integration.

Toon Boom Storyboard provides:* Flexible layer-based panel display with motion camera capabilities * Complete set of drawing tools, including pressure-sensitive brush tool when using a digital graphic tablet and pen

Animation Headline News

Toon Boom Animation Acquires Pegs

Emmy award-winning Toon Boom Animation Inc. announced that it has signed a definitive agreement with Pegsn Co, a privately held developer of 2D bitmap animation technology.

"Toon Booms software solutions are recognized as the market leading technology in the animation industry and the integration of Pegs technology in Toon Booms portfolio will enable the company to continue delivering quality, efficiency and reliability to the animation community - for all animation styles, formats and users," said Joan Vogelesang, president/ceo at Toon Boom.

Digital Headline News

Digital Musings From the Editor:

THE DA VINCI CODE offers another prime example of innovative invisible effects, and Tara DiLullo details the fine work of Rainmakers new London facility and MPC. Per Holmes describes why storyboarding is an outmoded shot-planning tool for 3D in The Digital Eye. Alain Bielik gets a sneak peek at how Mainframe altered its design process to accomplish more realistic MoCap in the upcoming TONY HAWK IN BOOM BOOM SABOTAGE DVD.

Toon Headline News

Toon Boom Releases Workout Series

Toon Boom Animation Inc. has released the Toon Boom Animation Workout Series. Touching on all aspects of animation creation, the Toon Boom Animation Workout Series is a dedicated program of exercises designed to help users develop the techniques and skills necessary to get the most out of the Toon Boom product family.

Animation Headline News

Toonz Animation Becomes the Largest Toon Boom Harmony Installation in India

Emmy-award winning Toon Boom Animation Inc. announced that Trivandrum-based Toonz Animation India has become the largest Toon Boom Harmony installation in India. Preparing for the production of several in-house projects, Toonz is planning to explore Harmony�s wide array of capabilities to create traditional and cut-out animation in a fully integrated production pipeline.

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Toon Boom Touts 2D Curious George Release

Toon Boom Animation Inc. celebrates the strong opening of CURIOUS GEORGE, a 2D animated feature from Imagine Ent. and Universal Pictures that employs the software company's Opus to the production of this globally known character. Ranking third place in past weekend box office, the feature offers an all-new adventure based upon the beloved tales of George, the inquisitive little guy with an insatiable taste for action.

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Toon Boom Releases Opus II & Harmony Service Packs

Toon Boom Animation has released Opus II Service Pack 1 and Harmony Service Pack 1. As Harmony incorporates all Opus capabilities, all added features and enhancements apply to both products. Service pack highights include:

* Support of news scanners, namely Fujitsu fi-5750c and Epson GT 15000

* New shortcuts, optimized memory management and workflow enhancements in the Scanning module

* Optimization of templates management

* Batch rendering improvements

* Several other bug fixes

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Toon Boom Part of Québec Trade Mission to China

Toon Boom Animation announced its participation in the China Trade Mission led by Québec Premier Jean Charest. During the trade mission Toon Boom will present three awards to some of its customers and partners, as well as sign a development agreement.

Animation Headline News

Toon Boom Launches Solo for Small Studios and Indies

Toon Boom Animation has released Toon Boom Solo, a new stand-alone animation software solution designed to for smaller studios and independent animation filmmakers. Solo offers a new level of creativity, efficiency and simplified workflow to produce animation of the highest quality for film, video, television, web sites, games and mobile devices.

Boom Headline News

Cartoon Network UK Buys Berliner Film’s Da Boom Crew

Cartoon Network UK has bought the first season of DA BOOM CREW, a European production from the Berliner Film Companie, slated for its U.K. premiere on Sept. 5, 2005, at 5:00 pm.

Now airing on Kids WB! In the U.S., the sci-fi comedy/adventure follows four young friends who create their own action-packed intergalactic videogame, but when a freak power surge opens up an electrical vortex, they get sucked into a parallel world exactly like their game.

Toon Headline News

Toon Boom Concerto Reaches its Finale

Toon Boom Animation announced that Toon Boom Concerto is phased out of the market due to the superior toolset offered by Toon Boom Harmony. Building on Opus and Concertos capabilities, Toon Boom Harmony comes with more advanced features such as morphing, inverse kinematics and glue that enhance the animation production process, whether it is traditional or digital. Harmony also includes a global template library that facilitates the reuse of assets, all set up in an integrated pipeline.