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VFX Exec Jeff Barnes to Head Bent Image Lab's Digital Media Group

CafeFX co-founder Jeff Barnes partners with Portland-based digital production and animation studio Bent Image Lab to oversee the company’s new Digital Media Group.

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Bent Image Lab Animates Hallmark Sequel

Bent Image Lab produces “Jingle and Bell’s Christmas Star,” the sequel to the critically acclaimed stop-motion Christmas Special “Jingle All the Way,” for the Hallmark Channel.

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BENT Goes Deep Green For Environmental Documentary

Ray Di Carlo, executive producer at Bent Image Lab, knows climate change is the most important issue facing the planet. That's why he didn't hesitate to throw the studio's animation capabilities behind Deep Green, a stunning environmental documentary that premiered recently in Portland, Oregon.

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Bent Creates Lucha Libre Legend with TAXI 2

A miniature Mexican wrestler might not be the obvious choice for a Canadian cell phone company's spokesman. But when Bent Image Lab Director Rob Shaw discovered just such a character in Toronto-based TAXI 2's script for the latest Koodo Mobile campaign, he immediately saw the connection.

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Bent Signs Stop-Motion Heavy Hitter Ken Lidster

Press Release from Bent Image Lab

The Portland, Oregon-based production company and creative laboratory Bent Image Lab is further expanding its roster with the recent signing of veteran animator and director Ken Lidster. Known for brilliant, award-winning commercials, such as those for Brisk iced tea that feature the voices and animated likeness of such stars as Bruce Willis and Danny DeVito, Lidster has directed noteworthy spots for Energizer, Chips Ahoy!, Kellogg's, Oscar Mayer, Quaker Oats, and Target.

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Nando Costa's Nervo Becomes NANDO@BENT

Press Release from NANDO@BENT

International award-winning Creative/Director Nando Costa, founder of top industry leading design and animation studio Nervo, has teamed with Portland-based Bent Image Lab to form, NANDO@BENT. Costa brings his entire Nervo shop to BENT, including creative partner Linn Olofsdotter. Costa, age 30, will become the fourth partner of BENT which includes: Co-Founder/EP Ray Di Carlo, Co-Founder/Director Chel White, and Co-Founder/Director David Daniels.

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Bent Image Makes Rudolph Rock for Saturday Night Live

Santa may be wearing a red suit but hes got anything but a red attitude in the latest animation Bent Image Lab did for a TV Funhouse segment on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (Dec. 18, 2004). The studio did an incredible looking stop-motion five-minute 'Rudolph'-type bit (written by Robert Smigel) poking fun at racial and political bias and intolerance.

The amazingly rich production took the studio just two weeks to complete.You may view the short at and find it relevant for before and after Christmas sentiments.

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Bent Image Lab Signs Director Yu

Director Lisa Yu, a rising talent with a unique sensibility for stop motion animation, is the latest addition to Portland-based animation/live action production studio Bent Image Lab's stable of directors. While stop motion animation is most often used in comedy or lighthearted applications, Yu's 2002 independent short, VESSEL WRESTLING, applied the technique to make a dramatic and thought-provoking film about passion and sex. The short's arresting imagery won her numerous accolades and awards, as well as the attention of the partners at Bent.

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Three Artists Get Bent

Chel White, Ray Di Carlo and David Daniels have combined strengths to form an artist-driven studio Bent Image Lab, in Portland, Oregon. "Our mission is to generate the future in 'mixed media/animation/live-action'," said partner/executive producer Di Carlo. "We are artists doing business, not businessmen trying to make art." Di Carlo however, has a successful business background and will operate Bent under a highly unique business model.