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Special Event: NATPE

Entertainment Headline News

NATPE News: EMC Brings Book Properties to NATPE

David Wollos, partner of Entertainment Media Consultants will be on hand at NATPE representing a number of properties, including the animation catalog for TeleImages in France.


Headlining the properties represented, are a number of popular childrens/young adult books including:

Final Headline News

NATPE News: Final Draft And Entertainment Partners Preview New Software

Final Draft, Inc., publisher of Final Draft, the top-selling scriptwriting software, and Entertainment Partners, publisher of the Movie Magic production software product line, will be previewing new software at Booth 1174 at the NATPE show from Jan. 18-20, 2004.

Final Draft will be previewing Tagger, which enables a user to break down a Final Draft script into its various elements (components). The tagged script can then be exported into Entertainment Partners' Movie Magic and EP Scheduling software. Final Draft and Final Draft AV software will also be demonstrated.

Disney Headline News

NATPE News: Disney Hopes TV Buyers Have Barbarian Tastes

Buena Vista International Television has an original new animated show to sell at NATPE 2004, DISNEYS DAVE THE BARBARIAN, which debuts at 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 23, 2004 on the Disney Channel. Produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, the 21x30 comedy series was created by Doug Langdale.

International Headline News

NATPE News: 15 TV France International Companies Turn Out For NATPE 2004

Reassured that major American studios are back at NATPE, TV France International (TVFI) will be at the market with 15 French production and distribution companies, including 21 foreign sales executives.

Series Headline News

NATPE News: Grace Animation Prays Buyers Go Ape For AAoA

Grace Animation Studios ceo Christopher Turner is assembling a production team to produce 26 new animated half-hour series of the THE AVENGING APES OF AFRICA (AAoA) for worldwide distribution. Grace will be showing a promo and first episode of the series at NATPE.

THE AVENGING APES OF AFRICA is an exciting action/adventure series for kids 6-12, where five transmuted ape brothers, and their exploration friends span the globe protecting and defending all animals of the world from the dreaded Mr. Harry B. Richborne and his worldwide band of pitiless poachers.

Digital Headline News

NATPE News: GDC Brings Moebius Strip Feature & Panda Series To Vegas

GDC Entertainment Ltd. will be showcasing, at booth 1271, its recently completed CGI feature, THRU THE MOEBIUS STRIP, funded and produced entirely in China.

Exec producer and ceo of GDC (Global Digital Creations) Raymond Neoh will be on hand to take attendees from the MOEBIUS concept he optioned from renowned illustrator Jean Moebius Giraud only a few years ago through the production steps at GDC's IDMT studio in Shenzhen. The 74-minute movie is also being developed as a TV series.

Film Headline News

NATPE News: Valcom Offers New 3D Zoo Revue

ValCom Inc. is presenting the 3D animation series, NEW ZOO REVUE at NATPE 2004 at booth 473. The original people-in-suits series debuted in syndication in the U.S. in 1971 and reached more than 100 million viewers.

Vince Vellardita and Barbara Atlas are co-exec producing the project with Dotan Koskas serving as animation producer and co-producton partner O Atlas Enterprises. The musical show follows the adventures of Charlie the Owl, Henrietta Hippo, Freddie the Frog, Freeda the Frog and humans like Mr Dingle, Doug and Emmy-Jo.

Series Headline News

NATPE News: DIC Sends Shortcake, Sabrina & Stan Lee's Super 7 to NATPE

DIC Entertainment (DIC) will be bringing four new STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE specials, two SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH series and a sneak peek at the new TV series STAN LEE'S SUPER 7 to NATPE at booth 1246.

Licensing Headline News

NATPE News: Davey and Goliath Go to Sin City

As part of a new marketing agreement with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), DandG Licensing, LLC will be bringing the DAVEY AND GOLIATH series to NATPE in Las Vegas at booth 1128. Mark Bannon founded DandG Licensing exclusively for work on DAVEY AND GOLIATH.

Animation Headline News

AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for Jan. 15, 2004

This week in AWN's Forums a new thread presents the pontification what's will you be doing in six months? One of our members has asked what's the deal with using red and blue pencils? A senior member leads others to some cool Flash animation on the Net. We received more posts in the popular thread containing member's animation. Another blogger wants to know what others are using to create their Web pages. As well, more advice flows in about animating in Flash. Other post their laments about the closing of Disney's Orlando studio.

Animation Headline News

NATPE News: Cybergraphix & Animation Bridge Bring New Co-Production to NATPE

Cybergraphix Animation recently announced its co-production agreement with Mumbai-based Animation Bridge and Padmalaya Telefilms for 26 half-hours of its action-adventure series GUARDIANS OF LUNA, which it will be bringing to NATPE.

Animation Headline News

NATPE News: NFB Brings Original Canadian Animation

The National Film Board of Canada will be at NATPE this year with NOËL NOËL, an animated Christmas special narrated by Leslie Nielsen, that revives the great tradition of children's fairy tales.

The title character in this whimsical half-hour is a misguided billionaire, who falls in love with Beatrice, a bespectacled fairy who prefers words of love to rivers of diamonds. Thanks to little Zoey, her dog Snooze and a blue-eyed reindeer, Noel Noël finally realizes that money doesn't bring happiness, and that to be happy, you have to listen to your heart.

Series Headline News

NATPE News: Playhut Debuts At NATPE 2004 With Signz Of New Animation

In its debut as a NATPE exhibitor, Playhut Entertainment, the entertainment and programming subsidiary of toy manufacturer Playhut Inc., will introduce buyers to Chinamation, five new series featuring the distinctive artistic style of China's top independent animators and premiere the pilot episode of its first animated pre-school series, LITTLE SIGNZ.

Playhuts branded Chinamation properties are DECHENG, WAY OF THE WARRIORS, LITTLE MONK, MIGHTY BUNCH and BIRD ISLAND.

Series Headline News

NATPE News: Mike Young Prods. Draws Five Toon

Mike Young Prods. has a strong hand of five animated shows it is holding to deal at NATPE in Las Vegas. Regis Brown, vp of international distribution thinks his ace in the hole is the captivating 3D series for young children, JAKERS! THE ADVENTURES OF PIGGLEY WINKS, which debuted to great reviews September 7, 2003 on PBS Kids in the U.S.

Headline News

NATPE News: SPTI’s Astro Boy Premieres In U.S. NATPE Weekend

Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI) big animated series, ASTRO BOY, premieres on the Kids WB! in the U.S. Jan. 17, 2004, the day before the NATPE exhibit floor opens. ASTRO BOY and CYBORG 009 are amongst a diverse slate from SPTI, which includes STEPHEN KING'S KINGDOM HOSPITAL, JOAN OF ARCADIA, MISSING and THE RESIDENTS, MACHOS and POOR ANASTASIA. SPTI will be located off the floor in the Venetian Hotel, Casanova Room 504.

Anime Headline News

NATPE News: Anime Net Prez On VOD Panel, Seeks Product

A newcomer to NATPE, Anime Network president Kevin Corcoran will join fellow industry leaders in a discussion on Video On Demand. He will also be looking for more product to add to the A. D. Vision catalog and shows to air on his network, at booth 1242.

Series Headline News

NATPE News: TVS Trotts To NATPE With Angelic Animated Series

The Orlando-based Television Syndication Co. (TVS) and Pausoka, the Spanish co-producers of the 26 episode animated series, CLOUD TROTTERS -- which is drawing large audiences and raves in Europe -- have inked an exclusive distribution agreement that calls for TVS to distribute the English language version of the series in the USA and other English speaking countries of the world. TVS will introduce CLOUD TROTTERS to broadcasters at the upcoming NATPE 2004.

Headline News

NATPE News: CABLEready To Run 11th Annual NATPE Food Drive

CABLEreadys NATPE Food Project will mark its 11th year of community service this January 2004 by again encouraging exhibitors to donate leftover food from show booths and parties to the Community Food Bank of Clark County. This industry volunteer effort was launched in 1993 by Gary Lico, president/ceo of the international program distribution and development company, after he noticed the amount of food wasted each year at the annual convention.

Television Headline News

New Zoo Revue Gets 3D Treatment

ValCom and O Atlas Enterprises will be turning their NEW ZOO REVUE into a new 3D TV series and feature. The original people-in-suits series debuted in syndication in the U.S. in 1971. The new film is budgeted at $3 million and production on both the telefilm and 26-part series should wrap in January 2005. ValCom plans to unveil the project at NATPE.

Headline News

It’s Not Too Late To Get Involved With AWN’s Last NATPE Special Newsle

By Rick DeMott | Thursday, November 20, 2003 at 12:00am

As a result of the wonderful response to our new MIPCOM-specific Flash Newsletters, we will be publishing special editions for both NATPE and MIP-TV. The NATPE market is fast approaching and our editorial and advertising staff are gearing up for the NATPE-specific Flash Newsletter series. Here are the dates for the publications.

NATPE Flash NewslettersJanuary 7thJanuary 14thJanuary 28th (Follow-Up issue)

MIP-TV Flash Newsletter March 10th March 17th March 24th April 14th (Follow-Up issue)

Mipcom Headline News

AWN Posts Follow-Up MIPCOM Flash Newsletter!

AWN has posted the final follow-up edition of its special Acrobat MIPCOM Flash newsletter. In response to reader demand, AWN has made it easier for you to get all your important MIPCOM news in one concise place. AWN has published four special MIPCOM newsletters, in Acrobat format. All four high-res Acrobat versions can be downloaded at:

Issue 1 Issue 2

Headline News

MIPCOM News: Channelzero Charges In with Sophie & New 3D Deals

channelzero has announced production deals with AGOGO and Face2Face with the properties available at the upcoming MIPCOM. With AGOGO, channelzero will produce three half hour episodes of its 2D property, SOSOPHIE. With Face2Face, it has entered the development stage on two 3D projects, GHETTO FABULOUS and ERNEST MAKES HISTORY.