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Special Event: MIP-TV

Henson Headline News

Henson Signs Int’l Broadcast Licensing Deals

The Jim Henson Company has announced a slate of international broadcast license agreements for the company’s masterful, live-action fantasy feature films LABYRINTH and THE DARK CRYSTAL, and its ingenious science-fiction series, FARSCAPE. All three titles will be offered to international buyers at this year’s MIP-TV.

Headline News

The Osbournes Get Animated

Heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne and his family are returning to TV screens, voicing stop-motion animated versions of themselves in a new comedy sitcom, produced by Cuppa Coffee Studios.

Entertainment Headline News

Imira Entertainment Launches ‘Lucky Fred’ at MIPTV 2012

Imira Entertainment, Spain’s leading production and distribution company specializing in youth programming, is set to launch the innovative interactive component of “Lucky Fred” alongside the new series at MIPTV 2012.

Series Headline News

Bolts And Blip Launches This Spring With New Broadcast Partners

Ahead of the upcoming MIPTV market, CJ Entertainment Inc. & ToonBox Entertainment have secured deals with international broadcasters to air RedRover Co. & ToonBox’s animated comedy series BOLTS AND BLIP.

Media Headline News

Skywriter Media Acquires Two New Kids Properties Heading Into MIPTV 2010

Independent producer/distributor, Skywriter Media & Entertainment Group has acquired two new children's properties, The Wumblers and Planet Echo, which will be introduced to international buyers at MIPTV 2010.

Series Headline News

Mediatoon Distribution brings Tasty Programs at MIPTV

Headlining MEDIATOON’s MIPTV slate is THE GARFIELD SHOW (52 x 11’) produced by Dargaud Media and already sold in more than 130 countries, with main broadcasters such as Cartoon Network, France 3, KIKA, SRC, Rede Record…, and a second season in production.

Headline News

Imira Ent. & Enne Entertainment Studios Team Up For Escape Hockey

Imira Entertainment, Spain's leading production and distribution company specialising in youth programming, has signed a deal to co-produce new 3D HD series Escape Hockey which is created by Enne Entertainment Studios in Spain and has been nominated for a prestigious Pulcinella Award in the cross-media category.

Headline News

Moonscoop Scores Disney Double With Dive Olly Dive! and Chloe's Closet

Press Release from Moonscoop

Paris, 22 April 2009 -- Moonscoop, the worldwide brand management and entertainment company representing properties from some of the leading animation producers across the globe, has scored a double deal with Disney Channels South East Asia for preschool series DIVE OLLY DIVE! and CHLOE'S CLOSET.

Television Headline News

Changing Entertainment World Connects at MIPTV 2009

11,500 entertainment content producers, distributors, digital media and advertising executives from 105 countries, gathered in Cannes this week, saying that the television industry may have changed forever, as the global economic situation and a blurring of lines between television and newer mobile, web and IPTV players, re-draws the entertainment map.

Animation Headline News

theskonkworks, Starz Animation Announce Affiliate Agreement

theskonkworks incorporated has formed a strategic alliance with Starz Animation Toronto to provide TV series development, production and other services for the Canadian studio.

theskonkworks President Michael Carter will be introducing the new relationship with Starz Animation Toronto to the international television community at the MIPTV market in Cannes, France, this week.

Headline News

Telescreen Buys Worldwide Rights to Pinkeltje

Dutch brand management and media company Telescreen has acquired the exclusive worldwide rights of PINKELTJE. The deal excludes the original books, as owned by copyright holder Unieboek Publishers in The Netherlands. The deal was made between Telescreen and the shareholders of the former rights holder Deja Vu BV during MIPTV in Cannes. Telescreen acquired 100 percent. of the shares.

Animated Headline News

EA, Starz Media Go To Hell Together With Animated Movie Based on Dante's Inferno

Electronic Arts and Starz Media's Film Roman are starting production on an animated movie based on DANTE'S INFERNO. The feature-length project will expand on the story in EA's new, game coming out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2010.

Headline News

Turner Hopes to Take Adult Swim Worldwide at MIPTV

Turner Broadcasting is bringing a range of programming from its popular young adult animation brand Adult Swim to this year's MIPTV. With over 350 hours of content available to third-party broadcasters, Turner Broadcasting's sales slate includes cult shows ROBOT CHICKEN, AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE, TIM AND ERIC and METALOCALYPSE.

Series Headline News

Dino Train Signs Deal with Norway at MIPTV

The Jim Henson Company and BIG Communications are showcasing their new CG animated series DINOSAUR TRAIN at this year's MIPTV market. DINOSAUR TRAIN is produced by The Jim Henson Company with Singapore's BIG acting as co-producer and with the participation and assistance of the Singapore Media Development Authority.

Team Headline News

Portfolio, Teletoon Zip Hood Into Development

Portfolio Ent. suits up for MIPTV with HOOD, an original, cross-platform, half-hour animated comedy-adventure series about the exploits of a secret global organization of exceptional teens who don super-charged hoodies to defend the Earth from all manner of weirdness and danger. Working with TELETOON Canada to develop the series, Portfolio Ent. is also exploring the use of innovative digital content to support and enhance the super-powered show.

Toon Headline News

Toon Boom Announces New Animate Pro and Manager

Toon Boom Animation Inc. has announced two new outstanding innovations: Toon Boom Animate Pro builds upon Animate's feature set and delivers also 2D-3D integration as well as scanning options and full compositing capabilities with 50 built-in special effects. Toon Boom Manager provides full tracking capabilities to monitor the production progress in real time.

Toon Boom Animate Pro and Manager are integral parts of the new modularized Harmony Solution, which is ideal for creating traditional, paperless and cut-out animation, all integrated in a network environment.

Series Headline News

Televix Secures Broadcast Deals In Central, South America for RollBots

Televix Ent. has secured several broadcast deals for Amberwood's ROLLBOTS in Central and South America.

Televix presented the series to regional broadcasters at NAPTE 2009 and deals have been finalized with Medcom TV in Panama, Televicentro in Nicaragua and ZAZ, a Pay-TV broadcaster operated by MVS Networks covering Spanish speaking Latin America.

Additional terrestrial deals are expected to follow at MIPTV 2009.

International Headline News

Calon TV Secures Rights to its Back Catalogue

Independent TV production company Calon TV has secured the distribution rights to its back catalogue of award-winning children's animation.

Studio manager Lynne Stockford has been appointed to manage international sales following the reversion of the distribution rights from S4C International

The list of programs includes such TV hits as the BAFTA-winning HANA'S HELPLINE, which is currently screened on Five; Welsh language classic SALI MALI; '80s favorite WIL CWAC CWAC, UNDER MILK WOOD and the feature film THE PRINCESS AND THE GOBLIN.

Circus Headline News

Zinkia Produces New Pocoyo Special

Spanish creative factory Zinkia has produced a new animated special, POCOYO AND THE SPACE CIRCUS (1 x 25), which is to be unveiled to international buyers at MIPTV.

In POCOYO AND THE SPACE CIRCUS, which premiered to critical acclaim over the Christmas holidays on TVE1 (Spain), Pocoyo and his friends are visited by a group of extraterrestrial circus aliens. Pocoyo experiences his first trip to the circus and finds himself embroiled, with his friends, in a wild adventure to help the aliens and to ensure that the show goes on.