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[POLL] Which group do you fit in?


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Submitted by Robert.A on

I am an Editor and Production Manager with a huge love of animation and good story telling.

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Submitted by b'ini on

On the cusp of studying animation and looking for a job.
Currently doing an internship.

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Submitted by Sandrock on

Animator. Not that successful yet, but getting a good sum. Still learning something new each day, so I also still consider myself a student of animation.

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Getting some results back. Good, good.

I wonder if the successful animators could elaborate on what they've accomplished so far.

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I'm in the 4th option down: looking for an animation job.

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Submitted by Fred K. on

I am again a student (self tought) and sharing what I know with a junior high school club.

To each, there own. I'll take understanding. :D

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Submitted by Smudge on

By day, forensic animation & video with some web development and computer work to keep busy during the dry spells. By night, I work on my own films and teach the occasional animation course at the local rec center.

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Submitted by Kaidonni on

Didn't reply before, but studying animation. Unfortunately/fortunately I went to university (almost finished), but had never animated prior to it, so...I mucked it up to an extent. Fixing that now, but don't intend getting a job in animation immediately when I leave uni in May. Want time to have fun with animation, which I've never had before...

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^ Ryan, right? You worked at Warner and Dreamworks? Wow, hardcore.

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Submitted by -Ru- on

Right now I'm in my final year of school, doing big exams in June, so I really should be studying, but I find myself procrastinating by finding anything I can about animation on the net lol

Gonna study it next year, hopefully I'll be a mod here in 30 years time, giving tips to prospective young students, telling them how cutthroat the industry is ARRRRRR

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Submitted by bluehickey on

^ Ryan, right? You worked at Warner and Dreamworks? Wow, hardcore.

It was pretty cool in the beginning, but the novelty soon wore off. Big companies and their executives are a pain to work for. I much prefer smaller companies where they really get to know you and your strengths and can utilize you best. That being said, having those big studio names on the resume has definitely got me into other jobs a lot quicker.

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Submitted by ezromation on

Im a games animator, in my forth year of games, trained as traditional. fairly low pay.

I get to do a fair bit of design, sometimes doing games from scratch concept the whole schmeer everything but the programming. I build and rig my own characters which gives me quite a lot of artistic freedom.

working in the UK

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Submitted by -Ru- on

wow ezromation that sounds amazing, i hope to have that much artistic freedom i nwhatever i end up doing, i owuldn't even mind lower pay if it meant designing a character from scratch and having him in the final product, thatd be sweeet

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Submitted by Ken Davis on

I'm unsure of which category I fit it....
I'm a veteran cartoonist ( 22 years in the biz, and approximately 120 projects, I have animated but haven't done so for about 10-12 years), currently working as a storyboard artist.
I'm making a decent income, but am just getting by with it.
Since I'm not single, what would be a good income for a single person gets divvied up pretty fast with a wife, pets, home, car payment, toy technically, I'm just getting by.
Not sure what "successful" would be.....whether the definition would be fame/notoriety or wealth, or projects of distinction.
I've had years with what I'd consider to be very good income, and have worked with talent of some notoriety and acclaim, and have worked on some prominent and prestigious projects. I've not created/am creating anything of note nor won awards (yet), but I know I have the respect of my peers and colleagues, as well as many students that I have taught, me successful.
I'm just content (more or less) doing what I'm doing.

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I'm currently an undergrad majoring in Studio Art (concentration: drawing), with very determined plans to get into a grad (or undergrad) program in animation.

I didn't have the opportunity in high school to really take any art classes (I was in a humanities program, so while I studied Art History...and some culture...for four years, it's program requirements took up all the time I could be taking art classes), so I went to college to get a good foundation in drawing and other art stuff, am planning on advancing forward into animation, and am looking to get into special effects animation and the more realistic CGI, though animating for video games, commercials, or cartoons are all still okay with me.

Though it's slightly off this topic, I'm also hoping to move myself to England one day, so I'm very interested in what the animation industry is like over there and what sort of job opportunities are available.
I'm also curious about how strong animation, job-wise, is in different parts of the United States (I'm hoping not to have to live in California).

Also, I'm really glad this topic was made, because I was wondering the same thing.

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I am currently a student going to be transitioning into another one of those areas pretty soon.

I graduate in a couple quarters and ill be lookin for a job!!! ooooh maaaan.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

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Good to be hearing more feedback.

Ken Davis: You sound pretty damn successful. Your wife and whatnot don't apply here. :P