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Hair High is Bill's next feature film. It is a gothic '50s high-school comedy about a love-triangle that goes terribly bad, with two young, murdered teens returning to their prom to get revenge. Plympton is still charting new territory in animation, this time by broadcasting all of his drawing for the film live on the web at

For a sneak peak at some of his new characters from Hair High or to see his creations from Mutant Aliens and more, visit his showcase.



Mutant Aliends is Bill's next animated feature. The story of a stranded astronaut returning to Earth after 20 years in space, was completed in January 2001 and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. It won Grand Prix in Annecy 2001 and was released in theatres in 2002.

"Mutant Aliens"is currently available as a graphic novel and is slated to come out on DVD this year. Watch the trailer and order the "Mutant Aliens" novel on-line now. And don't forget to check your local listings for showtimes coming to your town this year.



It's "Akira" with humor, "Road Runner" with humans, an animated "Pulp Fiction". It's a Heartwarming story of a newlywed couple on their wedding night. Grant, the husband, starts experiencing strange, supernatural powers and Kerry, the wife, can't cope. Whenever Grant thinks of something, it becomes reality, yet he doesn't know where these magical powers come from.

He becomes a hit on the talk-show circuit and Larson Giles, a Ted-Turner-type media mogul, who owns Smile Corp., sends his paramilitary unit, headed by the violent and not-so-bright Colonel Ferguson, to capture Grant so he can control the world-wide media. What follows is one of the most violent and bizarre battles of movie history. The film has scenes of ultra-violence that should offend everyone, and what has been called " the most bizarre and hilarious sex scene ever put to film"

"I Married a Strange Person" was featured in Dramatic Competition at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival and won the Grand Prize for Feature Films at the 1998 Annecy Animation Festival. Lions Gate Films released the movie around the U.S. in 1998 and it is now available through Universal Video. The soundtrack and storyboard can be ordered on-line.


Mondo Plympton is a fantastic journey through the strange brain of off-the-wall animator Bill Plympton, featuring his classic shorts, plus some of his new work and stories from his animated life.

After years of traveling the world showing his films and speaking about animation, he's finally put together a cartoon tour de force of his best films, with an animated Bill Plympton showing such anecdotes as: his confrontation with the Disney Machine; where the violence in his films comes from; and the time he was stabbed by a naked transvestite on the first day of shooting his live-action feature film "J. Lyle". Included are a number of his classic films, from "Draw!", to 1995's "How to Make Love to a Woman", plus some commercials that were banned because of their violence.

"Mondo Plympton"played in theaters around the U.S. in 1998 and can be seen in several upcoming film festivals around the world. The film has now been released on video and can be ordered on-line.



A songwriter is given 47 minutes to write a hit or lose his job and his sweetheart in Bill Plympton's critically acclaimed full-length feature film "THE TUNE". Written by Plympton and P. C. Vey (author of If Cats Could Talk), along with songwriter Maureen McElheron (who also scored "Your Face"), the film was released nationwide and is currently being featured on the Bravo Channel.

Featuring ten songs that each pay homage to different forms of American popular music, "THE TUNE" follows the adventures of Del, a nerdy carrot-topped songwriter, after he takes a wrong exit from a cloverleaf and finds himself stranded in Flooby Nooby, a strange and unfamiliar farming town. He is led around by the town's mayor and learns from the townspeople how to write songs from the heart and not from a rhyming dictionary. Along the way he meets an astonishing array of characters, including a psycho-babbling guru and even a hip-swiveling canine Elvis impersonator.


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