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Geri's Game

Congratulations to the Oscar Winning Film!

Produced by : Pixar Animation Studios
Directed by : Jan Pinkava

Download a Quicktime movie of an excerpt from the film, Geri's Game. 792k. © Pixar Animation Studios.

© Pixar.

Director Jan Pinkava with a model used
in the development of Geri's Game.
Photo courtesy of Pixar.

Geri's Game is a 4 minute, 15-second film (with one minute of credits!) depicting an endearing old man playing chess against himself. Directed by Pixar staffer Jan Pinkava, Geri's Game is the first short film produced by Pixar since the studio shifted focus to commercials in 1989, and, ultimately to feature films with Toy Story in 1995. The film was created in 3-D computer animation, with a technical goal of depicting a human character with complex facial animation and the realistic movement of clothing. To achieve this, the studio developed computer programs to calculate cloth dynamics and skin motion simulation (Subdivision Surfaces). In addition to director Jan Pinkava and producer Karen Dufilho, more than 80 people, from animators and technical directors to "render wranglers" were involved in the production.

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