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The Periwig-Maker

© Ideal Standard Film
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Script, Design and Animation: Steffen Schäeffler

© Ideal Standard Film.

The Periwig-Maker tells the story of a man who seals himself off in Medieval plague-infested London to escape the danger of infection.

Besides its story about the plague and how every epidemic changes people's behavior, The Periwig-Maker asks some philosophical questions. It deals with the problem of responsibility for other people and for yourself: can you do wrong, when you do nothing... a very German question indeed. It also represents two different ways of living by the little girl and the wig maker: you can risk your life and live before you die, or you can prevent yourself from risking anything and live the life of a dead person. Keeping that in mind, the film has a positive twist at the end.
-- Steffen Schäeffler

Running Time: 14 minutes 43 seconds
Year of Release: 1999
Ideal Standard Film

Techniques: Stop-motion puppet animation; real effects (flames) and computer animation (ink drop) added via compositing

Script, Design and Animation: Steffen Schäeffler
Producer: Annette Schäeffler
Other Contributors: Kenneth Branagh (Narrator), Chris Heyne (Composer), Philip Dale (Animator), Stefan Busch (Sound Designer), Carlos Gangrel (Character Designer) and Mackinnon & Saunders Limited (Puppets)

Awards include: First Film Award, Zagreb Animation Festival, 2000; The Children's Jury Award for Short Fiction Film, Annecy International Animation Festival, 2000; Independent Film Award, Ottawa International Animation Festival, 2000; and the Prize For Best Film Produced in Europe, Cinanima Animation Festival, 2000

Biography: Annette and Steffen Schäeffler, a sister and brother team, started making films in 1993. Since then, they have produced six live-action shorts, one animated short and one 60 minute documentary. In most of their projects, Annette is the producer, Steffen the director, but both of them are author and editor. They studied in two German film schools and in 1994, founded their own production company Ideal Standard Film.

Filmography: Ahoi, co-director (1994); Ab Nach Kassel, co-author (1995); Zap, co-director (1996); Deus, director (1996); Der Deutsche Film, director (1999); The Periwig-Maker, director (1999)

Read more about The Periwig-Maker in Maureen Furniss' "Fresh from the Festivals: December 2000's Film Reviews" in Animation World Magazine.

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