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Sarah Klein Creates Stop-Motion Video for ‘Fall Girl’

Artist and animator Sarah Klein uses colorful paper cutouts to evoke the song’s lyrics in a new music video for San Francisco dream-pop band Synchronized Watches.

‘Fall Girl’ by Sarah Klein San Francisco-based, dream-pop band Synchronized Watches released their first music video in collaboration with artist/animator Sarah Klein. The video is based on the song “Fall Girl” from their debut album Us We Here released in July 2014.

Using colorful paper cutouts Klein found inspiration in the evocative lyrics of the song. Hair curlers, make-up, shoes and purses figure prominently early on but as the song progresses, so do the themes and treatments. Three curious wolves playfully try on the make-up and accessories but eventually show their animalistic side by fighting and gorging on what they most desire, resulting in a storm of lipstick, pink raindrops, spinning flowers and razor sharp teeth.

Synchronized Watches first approached Klein in the Spring and gave her a couple of songs to choose from, but it was “Fall Girl” that most attracted Klein as some of her earlier animations address gender politics. The lyrics of the song suggested to Klein a pivotal moment when a young girl plays dress-up and wants to impress but then later—when she gets older and is expected to present herself in a certain way—starts to resent this role.


Source: Sarah Klein

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