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Zoic Studios Returns To NASCAR With Variables

The intensity, focus, and skill required in the last lap of any race are what set the champions apart from the other drivers.

NASCAR "Variables"

Press Release from Zoic Studios

The intensity, focus, and skill required in the last lap of any race are what set the champions apart from the other drivers.  The story of the new NASCAR spot is that last lap, the intensity and focus of the NASCAR drivers, and the variables in the final stretch that determine the outcome for the champion Kyle Busch.

Building from the graphic world established in the previous spot "Dominoes," agency Wieden & Kennedy and Zoic Studios set this story with angles and performance to underline the premise in an improbable way by placing the camera within the variable events often missed during a live event.  These "Variables"  - happening in fractions of a second - are slowed down and play out before us as metal tears through a chassis and as an engine blows. Using CG gave the camera the freedom to capture the last lap unlike any live camera could, breaking rules without feeling phony.

The spot was cut at Zoic Editorial with an edit that plays out with appropriate intensity. From the very first moment, audiences are placed into the heat of the win, and the head of Kyle Busch, as driven by Metallica's "Seek and Destroy."

Agency: WIEDEN+KENNEDY NEW YORKCreative Directors: Stuart JenningsCopywriter: Luke Behrends and Heather LarimerArt Director: Cyrus CoulterProducer: Dan BlaneyAccount Team: Matthew Mauriello and Mark WilliamsExecutive Creative Directors: Todd Waterbury and Kevin ProudfootAgency Head of Content Production: Gary Krieg

Production Company: Zoic StudiosDirector: Loni PeristereExecutive Producer: Steve Schofield and Erik Press

Editorial Company: Zoic StudiosEditor: Dmitri GueerExecutive Producer:  Erik Press

VFX Company: Zoic StudiosExecutive Producers: Steve Schofield and Erik PressVFX Supervisor: Chris JonesDirector: Loni PeristereVFX Coordinator: Adam ReebCG Supervisor: Michael CliettVFX Supervisor: Andy WilkoffVFX Producers: Erin Hicke and Sean TompkinsCG Supervisor: Michael CliettAnimators: Brian White, Mark Shimer2D Compositor: Nate OverstromCompositors: Dayna Mauer, Ken Littleton

Music: MetallicaSound Designer: Brian Emrich/ Trinitite Inc.Label: Rhino Entertainment (Warner)

Mix Company: Sound LoungeMixer: Philip Loeb

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