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Zoic Labs Announces Biz Dev Partnership with Alchemy

Sister company to Emmy-winning entertainment company Zoic Studios teams with boutique consulting firm for strategic business development.

CULVER CITY, CA -- Zoic Labs, an advanced visualization software product company and sister company to Emmy-winning entertainment company Zoic Studios, has teamed up with Alchemy Tech and Entertainment Group for strategic business development. Alchemy is a boutique consulting firm facilitating partnerships and business development solutions for the entertainment technology industry.

Led by industry veterans Annie Hanlon and Lisa Gerber, Alchemy will partner with Zoic Labs and EVP Matt Thunell to connect brands and clients with Zoic Labs’ data-driven storytelling, VR/AR/MR, and UI/UX solutions at the intersection of Hollywood-level entertainment and technology. Alchemy has worked with such top clients as Cisco Systems and an Academy Award-winning animation studio, seamlessly navigating the convergence of technology and storytelling through strategic partnerships and messaging within the tech industry.

L-R: Alchemy Partners Annie Hanlon & Lisa Gerber.

“As a technology solutions company, we function with the drive and passion of a startup, backed with the resources and infrastructure of a full-service entertainment studio,” notes Thunell. “Having strategic partners with such a firm understanding of the converging entertainment and technology space like Alchemy is invaluable for us as we continue to grow and expand into emerging sectors. Their divergent approach to structuring creative partnerships truly addresses the rapidly changing media landscape.”

Zoic Labs has spent the past five years integrating and customizing their visualization platform Cognitive Toolkit with the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

Adds Hanlon, “In the same way that Zoic has been a trailblazer with nontraditional customers in defense and intelligence, Alchemy is excited to bring Zoic’s cross-disciplinary expertise in storytelling, visualization, and product design to new customers and brands who wouldn’t know how to knock on their door.”

Hanlon is a business development executive and executive producer with 20 years of experience covering a wide range of creative projects including AR/VR, traditional film & tv, digital content, commercials and documentary production. A dealmaker and relationship manager with a passion for content creation and cutting-edge technology, she has a track record of strategy, media, vision and impact for leading companies in Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

Gerber has been at the frontlines of entertainment since her start in TV and feature casting. As a connector for thought leaders at top tier technology and entertainment companies, Lisa led strategic partnerships at The Advanced Imaging Society. She has shaped some of the immersive industry’s premiere events and created innovative platforms and programs focusing on everything from storytelling to machine learning.

Source: Zoic Labs

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