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ZDF Brings Five Properties to MIPCOM

ZDF Enterprises GmbH is bringing five properties to MIPCOM 2006, where they can be found at booths 21.02 and 23.01.

The live-action series, H2O JUST ADD WATER (2x90 or 52x26) is an adventure-drama about how to stay "normal" when you're a part-time mermaid. Three 16-year-old girls find themselves exploring the eerie, jungle covered island eventually ending up trapped in an ancient cave system under a volcano.

THE LOST TREASURE OF FIJI (13x26) is a live-action adventure series. Top online gamers from all around the world have been invited to Fiji for a sneak preview of the new and highly sophisticated computer adventure game PIRATE ISLAND - LOST IN FIJI. Tyler who is more interested in the female gamers and his younger brother Marty are also there for the festivities. While playing Marty damages the game control and is suddenly dragged into the virtual world of 19th-century Fiji by a holographic pirate from the game. With the help of two female gamers, Kirra and Alison, Tyler tries to help his brother, but the three of them are also swallowed up by the game.

ZDF Enterprises will also have the second season of LAURA'S STAR (26x26). One day Laura helped a star that had fallen down to the pavement. She tied him to a bunch of balloons, which took him right back up into the sky and that star has been her own special friend ever since. He helps her see things differently. In a witty and poetic fashion he shows her how to dream with your eyes open, and how to overcome fear and insecurity.

SHAOLIN WUZANG (26x26) is an animated series set in old China, where three teenagers are admitted in the most prestigious school of kung-fu the Temple of Shaolin. But they don't know that they are the reincarnation of three Shaolin monks who thousand years earlier gave their life to neutralize the worst demon. This demon is back now and our three heroes will have to destroy it while initiating themselves with the art of kung-fu.

In season two of DRAGON (26x10), the hero and his friends make a photo album, collect stamps, plant a garden, hide Easter eggs, Dragon tries to cheer up a grumpy Alligator and cope with annoying interruptions while he's trying to finish reading a book.

Execs attending include:

* Alexander Coridass, president/ceo* Susanne Mueller, vp, North American operations* Hans Juergen Steimer, svp, acquisitions and investments* Fred Burcksen, vp, distribution and investments

Founded in 1993, ZDF Enterprises ( is the wholly-owned subsidiary and commercial arm of ZDF, one of Europe's largest and most respected broadcasters. Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, ZDF Enterprises is responsible for the development, production and global distribution of original programming. The company is also responsible for all program acquisitions and international co-productions on behalf of the network, and acquires programming for worldwide distribution. Its vast program library ranks as the largest in the German language. The extensive catalogue includes television movies and mini-series, drama series and comedies, documentaries, family entertainment and children's programming. ZDF Enterprises also oversees all licensing and merchandising activities based on its high-profile programs, including book and music publishing and the licensing of its program properties in all key product categories.

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