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ZAG Launches ZAG Stream Content Division with ‘Fairyon’ Fairytale Superhero Series

Studio behind ‘Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir’ creates separate group to drive the company’s direct to streaming business.  

ZAG, the independent animation studio behind Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, has launched ZAG Stream, a new division established to drive forward the company’s direct to streaming content business. Maria Doolan, ZAG’s SVP of TV Content, will lead the new division.

ZAG Stream is already in pre-production on its first project, Fairyon, an 3DCG animated superhero fantasy series that reimagines some of the world’s most famous fairy tale characters with a superhero twist. Founder and CEO Jeremy Zag announced that buyers will first see the project at the upcoming MIPCOM.  

In Fairyon, Rapunzel is a princess in search of truth and justice.  To help her on her quest, she gathers a team of legendary superheroes—Little Red Riding Hood, Aladdin, Gretel, Cinderella, and Jack—who unite their magical powers to prevent a Mysterious Knight from freeing a terrible adversary imprisoned in a Magic Mirror. Through their adventures, they reveal why their names have survived through the centuries!

“Classic fairy tales have entertained audiences for hundreds of years, and we are taking some of the most famous characters and transporting them to a mystical and inspirational world of Fairyon,” commented Jeremy Zag. “The first 12 standalone episodes will each feature a new character, but only in the last episode will the clues to the story become clear when, for the first time in history, they all unite. As the studio and team behind Miraculous, we are so excited to take these evergreen fairytale characters and retell their stories for today’s audiences.”

Fairyon is a 13 x one-hour episodic animated series for kids and families. Nathanaël Bronn, the art director for Miraculous, is the series creator and director; Zag, creator of the Miraculous Universe, will produce. 

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